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  1. had I heard of you I'd have a basis for comparison. as is, you reek of the guy who'd never been here before then started to laugh at all the inside jokes.
  2. nothing to contribute. I'm just especially fond of page 4s.
  3. not much of a wink-tiddler myself, however I once knew a girl who, well...that story's really not for the youngsters... anywho if someone tells me what game we're playing, I'll consider entertaining a setup, though you must realize that my crushing perpitude will outweigh whatever gamey jeep-rushing, non mg-running, zook-camping, flank-shunting strategism any of you may deign toss at me. in other news... 2 years ago I began working on part 1 of the next great American WWII novel. Part 1 centers on Team Desobry at the Battle of Noville (he of you that once paid attention may recall my wife's grandfather being a member of the 10thAD). well 3 days after I started, I discovered online card playing and have immersed myself in flops turns and subsequent rivers ever since (yes, I'm ahead). I'm feeling the need to get my proverbial ass back in proverbial gear, so if anyone is interested in reading what I have and commenting, shoot me a mail at mcreelman@yahoo.com and I'll send you what I've got (it's 10 pages and almost as cool as Crodaburg, so watch out). what I'm looking for is a couple of things: 1) I liked/disliked what I read (+ details) 2) the level of military detail was (un)realistic for me (+details) 3) the smoking gun picture of Mace with the Joey I'm not really looking for story suggestions (that may come later as I try to figure out how to transition this story into the Battle of Crailsheim. this is intended for a general audience of people who enjoy the genre...not specifically hardcore historians and tacticians, nor specificially joe 6pack who know nothing more than shooting at deer and will believe anything I tell him. it's supposed to be an historical fiction based on accounts of the Battle of Noville. looking to get myself kickstarted again, so if anyone cares for a quick read, let me know. your comments may get me motivated. the few people who've read it have liked so far. that's that taunt taunt fizz fizz oh what a loser dalem is.
  4. there was a time when the MBT was about taunting and challenging and was dominated by the likes of Meeks and Croda and Mr Peng himself. when Blood Hamster was declared, gauntlets were tossed down, bile and vitriol were in every care package, and the women wept for the loss of scores of digital tankymajigs. it seems those days of war on a war-lovers' forum have been reduced to people trying out for some Monty Python's Flying Circus meets Benny Hill meets the Forking Teletubbies spinoff. small wonder Schloss Peng sits in shame. Were Peng here, he'd have his name removed from this thread, where it has sat for nigh on 7 years.
  5. so...gooeypixxie is a male and bugges is a female and NEITHER is actually pawbroon? perhaps it's a good thing I left as the gender lines have gotten absurdly blurred in my absence.
  6. you should know by now that I am 100% diametrically opposed to fomenting in any capacity. and I have CMBO loaded on the laptop. it is far superior to the subsequent games where 300 elite men go to ground every time a bird chirps. come to think, I've only played the demo of AK. and if gooeypixxie is unaware of the majesty of Crodaburg, we should most certainly introduce her to it. gooey, it is the finest scenario ever developed for CMBO. armed with virtually everything you declare eternal blood hamster on an insufferable enemy (no, not Shaw), bomb him to the Pleistocene, travel back in time to the Plesitocene and bomb him some more. then you send in the infantry only to find out that they now have sharp rocks in the Pleistocene and the whole thing travels to Pleistocene hell in a Pleistocene handbasket without so much as a simple 'You Are Here' Marquee to help you along the way. everyone loves it
  7. oh, do tell me that the newcomers still have to play Crodaburg? if you don't have it, I can ALWAYS send a copy...
  8. th'apocalypse may just have digested your loveless soul then, jdmorse, my once and former sponsor, for while I may not be 'back' in the disquieted sense that you'd all fear like you'd fear a straight razor taken to your favorite crop of back hairs, I have responded to my Knight's request for me to make a vist and set right all that's been done wrong since my last trip to the outskirts of Pengdom. so Boo, if you could quickly bring me up to speed on what has transpired while I've been off doing things other than Penging, then all the sooner I can lop off a few crowns, spill the blood of some lesser houses, and brew up some of my favoirte patella and filtrum soup with fileted Justicar before flittering off into the ether again as quick as Mace can scrape up a quib about swarthy men cleaning the barrels of their artillery pieces. be quick about it.
  9. Everybody hates Croda. It's a universal truth. Ever since his game-cracking-win by his shermans against my poor code-reduced Uber Kitties, life has revolved around revenge. And it shall be mine. Croda, as the top of your head appeared from the bottom of the 'pool. Did you feel the w a f t of a 2 iron as it made practise over your pointy protuberance of a pustule you call your head? Did you have a momentary shiver of anticipation? A feeling of "oh sh*te", an anticipation of loss? This shall be your fate. A CMAK game v3 of your choice. I shall triumph. You shall lose, big time. You will sink back to the depths of the 'pool, never to resurface. A shame that not even victory over Hiram could erase, but then any victory over Hiram is devalued by his his inability to paint straight lines on his models. Send a setup. Noba. </font>
  10. That was 155 VT, you ignorant sot! And obviously you haven't been hit hard enough since you're still running your gob. Oregon...isn't that the official destination of everyone in the witness protection program? As for Hiram...lad, I remember the good old days when I'd build a scenario that gave you 2 companies of Glider Infantry charging up a bare hill towards my 2 MG42s. You never could win that one...
  11. You started a new thread just because I posted in the last one...well go ahead and lock this one now! I dare at yeeeeee! dalem, the ears are getting all dried and crinkly. I like the smell of them. For those of you who weren't posting in this thread 4 friggin' years ago...I played dalem and won his dog's ears which now hang cerimoniously above my mantel. And by the way... ...you all suck. Especially that Here I Am Shoot Me guy.
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