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  1. The FM on the M60 had a section on using the weapon in the indirect fire role. Now, as a 60 gunner, I never tried it or did we ever practice it. It was there though, for what it is worth.
  2. A little late to the party but another find job with CM:BB. Keep it up!
  3. I read a study that basically said the same thing.
  4. Not to mention "absolute" flanks where you can bum rush up a flank with zero fear.
  5. And the counter-argument is two fold, should we be in peace-keeping/making and is it really better to mold a force to be ready for peace-keeping/making but unprepared for a major war or to have it ready for major war but less suited for peace-keeping/making? History seems to show that as soon as you think a big war isn't comming one does. [This message has been edited by CavScout (edited 03-20-2001).]
  6. I hope this is joke! 12 Stuarts against 3 King Tigers... who should be yelling "gamey"?
  7. Why does some one from the deep south have an accent when talking to another in English? Why do Brits have an accent when talking (from an American's POV)? Accents are real, even with the same language.
  8. You could probably rationalize a KKK meeting as bringing two sides together... Cav ------------------ "Maneuverists have a bad case of what may be called, to borrow from a sister social science, "'Wehrmact penis envy.'"--D. Bolger Co-Chairman of the CM Jihad Brigade Founder of the CMers who like playing the Allies Club [This message has been edited by CavScout (edited 03-16-2001).]
  9. Get the Microsoft Excel viewer for FREE! http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/2000/downloadDetails/xlviewer.htm This download is for users who don't have Excel; it allows them to open and view Excel 97 and Excel 2000 spreadsheet files.
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