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  1. Hi Everyone, I’m a new player of TacOps. In fact, I just downloaded the game a little while ago and played Team OHara as my first real run through as a scenario. I took quite a beating, but that’s not why I’m posting. During the first royal asspounding I received, courtesy of the OPFOR and the AI, it occurred to me that a helicopter would be darned useful in scouting for and perforating the Red armor which was so persistent in its rude assaults on my positions. I resolved therefore to add a helicopter to the forces at my disposal using the tools described in the manual. Imagine my consternation when I found the Add Unit option entirely greyed out during the setup phase even when I tried selecting and unselecting the Umpire tools option. Any ideas on how to activate the add unit menu or the other Umpire Tools? Thanks in advance for any replies and thanks to the Major for all the hard work on a really fun game. Best, Terence PS. I won but took 76% casualties, which I imagine is still a failing grade in a real military. Unless Jenna Bush or maybe Jenna Jameson is living in the town at objective A or something.
  2. Forgive me but does anyone really think this thing will work as advertised? I realize that the carefully calibrated showpiece model that is lovingly tended by PHDs in white coats will work fine, but what about the production models, produced in Russian factories, and maintained by the Iranian army? Im not trying to offend any Russians, because I have a great deal of respect for the country and its people having lived there for some time, but the production discipline of the factories and the QA process is not highly regarded.
  3. Are women less likely to shoot to kill? Less likely to shoot at all?
  4. I protest. I protest in the strongest manner possible. Anyone attempting to satirize American usage should render Foreigners as "Furriners", not as "Forigners." Example of usage: Step off, you funny lil' furriner, less I bus' yew inna mout'.
  5. Hope the brisket worked out ok, if you guys are reading, this here friday night. Seanachai's post leads me to believe it did....
  6. Okay deal, but you get some reading glasses so that the wink, grin and evil stirring laugh at the end of that post don't escape your sight,like they obviously did. </font>
  7. I do believe that is a faggot. fag·ot also fag·got 1. A bundle of twigs, sticks, or branches bound together. 2. A bundle of pieces of iron or steel to be welded or hammered into bars. tr.v. fag·ot·ed, also fag·got·ed fag·ot·ing, fag·got·ing fag·ots, fag·gots 1. To bind into a fagot; bundle. 2. To decorate with fagoting.
  8. When incoherent alone won't do the job, you need surly and incoherent.
  9. You're both idiots. Nobody took out the SS from the game because of pressure from Jews. Also, if you knew anything at all, you'd realize that Jewish groups concerned with WW2 and the Holocaust are interested in telling everyone the horrible truth about that time period and NOT interested in denying, covering up or changing the truth. Get a clue before you start pointing fingers at "the jews."
  10. Fascinating information. Thank you all for taking the time to post.
  11. And Snoochypoo is a tailwagging idiot that no one in town would trust with a burnt-out match. (I kid, I kid. I kid because I love.)
  12. LOL! Can you imagine the grenadiers at the front being given a tin of chocolate and then trading Knights Cross winner cards with their kamerades...It would have given the Third Reich a whole new twist. No pun intended. </font>
  13. As we learned in the Glorious Bren Tripod Thread, not everything that got issued by the army was used. Any sources talk about actual widespread use of Pervitin? Ill say right from the start that for the average German ground pounder, it sounds a LOT more useful than the Bren Tripod...
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