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  1. Yes, costard, probs. People want something to get riled up about after America's most beloved fugitive bumped uglies with death.
  2. Ah, these forums. Always something new. Now discovered a new, watchworthy tube channel. Thank you. *cry, whimper, sigh, sniffle*
  3. Yay. Moral compensation FTW. Since they operate in cells, people can be satisfied and pleased for the death of despised individuals, but I think the actual effectiveness on the war against al-qaeda is negligible.
  4. Uh, didn't read. Have to kick myself in the nads (somehow) for missing that one. I just got posterized, big time.
  5. You listen to contemporary stuff, M.E.? And to the standard warm, fuzzy, melodic choice of modern film/ad makers? Who would've thought.
  6. How so? Military members were not mentioned.
  7. Yo. Since I'm fresh from a Sabaton concerto in a small, stinky club near Treviso, I wondered: what's the kind of music that gets you lovable grogs singin', prancin' and whatnot? I know there's bound to be surprises. "I'm absolutely bat**** insane about japanese jazz!" "Shut up, Earl Scruggs lives!" "You two crackers can suck it while I blast RUN DMC on my early 1980s boombox!" I just know it. : Please, no-one post anymore on the rage over Lybia thread I started out of stratospheric frustration and get your butts over to the funky beat of this one. This includes Michael Emrys, Pak
  8. And such reasoning "but then we would" is why the world takes so long to change, and often a momentum of gigantic bloodshed has to be built. I'm not saying war to all dictatorships, of course. China would be a tough nut. But what about economic sanctions and stuff? Yeah, Cuyba is quite a comfortable choice, but not enough. It's small potatoes. And Vanir, your quote subversion is the thing I like the most in this thread. ****ing ****. Had the money and a rifle, I'd go to Lybia myself.
  9. Or all the dictatorships in the world. That is my point. But you know, recently being the world's second economy does give you a pass on moral reprobation and embargos, right?
  10. But giving stingers to them? Or training some of those central african freedom fighters? Under wraps, america kills nobody, saves the day as well. And don't tell me they couldn't do this. They tried bay of pigs, godsakes.
  11. Dude, you know why Spider-Man is my favourite comic book hero (**** the movies, seriously)? He knows when right stuff has to be done, even when half the world throws **** at him. Lybia is soooooooo totally different than Afghanistan and Iraq. No occupation needed. Just tipping this ****er out of power. Or tipping his planes, so the rebels may. America should get out of this half-guilt complex and go for it. As well as this lazy ass Europe.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I knew the world wasn't as apathetic as it seemed.
  13. Uh, hi there. Title says it all. I am almost foaming, y'know. And the earthquake thing in Japan made it worse, because the natural disaster that has befallen the Japanese people will polarize media attention for the time being, like Haiti, Australia and company, before being forgotten. But Lybia concerns me more because an earthquake, for how devastating, is a natural disaster, and it's nobody's fault: there's nothing much that can be done besides helping people and scooping up the pieces to get life back on track (not an easy job, I know). Lybia. An all out war. A completely HUMAN thin
  14. As much as cracked is stale and repetitive, their routinely roundup of incredible military feats by one person is pretty interesting.
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