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  1. I doubt they will put it in CM, but maybe in CM2.
  2. I am still playing CC2 online against my friend, and intend to get CC5 to do the same. Sometimes I just want to play a company sized engagement in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours.
  3. It can get in through the door, and then KABOOM. Ammo stocks will go off and the air in a pillbox burns very well. Saving Private Ryan shows this realistically I think. Watch the beach scene where the men torch the pillbox with the MG in it.
  4. I learned about firing slit penetration the hard way. In my first ever PBEM, I was being defender with infantry against an all-infantry assault. I spent all my points on as many elite pillboxes and bunkers as I coudl afford, and put them up on hills. A single 76mm AT gun took out 2 elite pillboxes in the first minute of the game and took out the rest within 2 minutes after. Drat
  5. But what if your rounds couldn't hurt you? Such as a Sherman hosing down friendly GI's with its MG? I can see potential "fire jumpers" who run into the path of others fire so they can watch them die. Here's an even worse example: GI Bob is a teamkiller. He really wants the Germans to win and he starts hanging around with one of their platoons. They don't shoot him because they know he's friendly. 20 howitzers have a line of sight to the house this German platoon is firing from. They all let loose a barrage, hitting the American soldier, and thus killing themselves. Doesn't seem like a great fix from what I've heard.
  6. Your battles are my favorites Something different with each one, instead of the usual "Outnumbered _____ must defend against an assault" or "Take the ____ at all costs"
  7. My 6 year old cousin and his dad liked to build model fighter planes, and it got him in trouble at school. His favorite one was the Me262 because it "looks fast and mean" and it has teeth painted on the front. But, it also has a tiny swastika on the back. He brought it in for show and tell, and the teacher had him sent home because of what he brought in. The fact that he also brought in a Spitfire as his other favorite didn't save him. She then insulted his father for being a Nazi and "converting this little boy". All he did was build a damn model plane. Sheesh. I would have liked to smack her upside the head. Sorry, just had to rant.
  8. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LuckyStrike: There was another Mac game some 10 years ago named 'Robosport' that used virtually the exact same method as CM. The idea was to command a team of little robots armed with various weapons in a kind of arena, vs another team. Each robot had a certain number of actions it could do, you gave your whole team orders, as did the AI or the other human player on a connected Mac. The turn was then resolved, and a 'video' generated which ran for about 30 seconds, which you could fast forward, rewind etc. Exactly same as CM, though of course no TacAI etc, if one of your guys walked into someone's guns he just stood there and took it and got blown to pieces.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> I played that game! I was only about 6 or 7 when I played it, but I remember cheering my little guys on in the movie and mashing the keyboard when something started to go wrong, even though there was nothing I could do to stop it. Always replayed the movies where lots of guys died!
  9. And as for the "hard to kill" Flak units, they really aren't too bad. At extreme ranges their guns will do little damage against targets since I have seen them having a hard time hitting them. Even at that range, they have the armor of a truck. A mortar round landing too close kills them. I have taken them out with snipers. I think you must have played a PBEM and had REAL bad luck where an opponent really whipped you when by all means you should have won.
  10. Not playing someone who uses AA guns and halftracks to shoot your men? Sounds like someone just had their halftrack loaded up with two arty spotters burst aflame from a well placed AA round. It's gamey to whine about something so commonplace. I have also seen a lot of footage on PBS and the History channel of AA units shooting at ground troops. I heard that the Ostwind was considered a failure against aircraft but then they started using them as infantry support and it did well. Look at CMBO. MANY scenarios that came with the game include German AA halftracks and guns meant to be used against ground targets.
  11. I played Ultima Online, and pay 9 bucks a month for it. It's kind of like the manly version of Everquest. It makes the world more real by including murder, robbery, massive war, looting, scamming etc. Hell, I ran a gang of highwaymen . Worth the money in my book, because I stayed interested in it for over a year and ultimately spent less money than I would have if I got tired of it. As for WWII online, I have my doubts. I agree that there will be no infantry. Just by looking at their message boards, I can tell that the heavy stuff is going to be more popular. This is going to be an aircraft and tank simulator. I sure HOPE they go the realistic way instead of the "let's make all the equipment equal" route. I KNOW people are going to complain. Ignorant patriotic boy: My Sherman shot that Tiger a mile away 4 times before he hit me once! And I died! This game SUCKS it's so UNFAIR. WE WON THE WAR. How come Shermans aren't good? The aircraft boards seem to host some of those type too. I see people apparently believing that bombers can hunt down fighters "cuz they're bigger and have bombs and fighters only have guns" As for infantry: First, there won't be enough of them unless they: 1. Force people into the infantry or emply a rotation system where you switch roles every so often. Customers would complain. 2. Flesh out the infantry with AI controlled bots, which would kind of ruin the game. Neither course looks good. And for the guys who do want to be in the infantry at least half of them are hyper little boys who watched Saving Private Ryan a little too much. "SnIpUhz r00l" Everyone and their mother wants to be a sniper. I actually witnessed a clan forming whose specialty as stated is "Sniper/Assault" They are ALL going to be snipers and ASSAULT strongholds. Anyone else see something wrong with this? WWIIOnline doesn't look good for me.... And lastly: Friendly fire They can disable it, which would then involve gamey overuse of heavy weapons with no fear of hitting your own troops. Or allow it in which case people will shoot all their teamates on purpose.
  12. If any of you want to see what Close Combat was really meant to be, get the original. Truly. Graphics were'nt very good even when it came out, and they look real bad now, but it really simulates the conflict well. Everything in CC1 is to scale and its the only one of the series with a great AI and tank drivers who passed the drug test. You can probably find it for $5 now and its worth a go if you are craving for some realtime. AI is very good. They react fast, and do realistic things, such as area fire against terrain where it thinks someone may be hiding, like a trench or pillbox. Plus, its bloody and has really cool death animations. And the fact that the bigger battles have hundreds of guys running around getting mown down by MG42's makes it nice for those "SHOW ME EVERY MAN" type of guys.
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