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  1. Yes, I know this is a CM2 forum, and my opinion of CM2 was presented. I do not find it as satisfying because, and you defined it nicely, it is mostly geared towards PBEM play, not single player mode. With PBEM, both players are on equal standing as far as play aids, etc. I find no fault there. I'm not saying CM2 is not satisfying in the single player mode either, I just find CM1 more satisfying.
  2. When the free download of trial version CMBO came out, I fell in love with Combat Mission. CMBO, CMBB, CMAK are, in my opinion, the best war sandbox game of WW2 I have ever played. I haven't posted here in forever, but I used to run a website supporting CMx1 mods. Game was brilliant. Here it is, over 20 years later. I've turned 64, retired, but still playing CMx1. I was playing tonight and realized I'm still playing CMx1 and not CMx2. I own all CMx2, but find them tedious, not enough play aids, etc. CMx2 forgot it was a "war game" and went to "war simulation" and it might have satisfied the grog nards, but not me, a gamer. 20 years later, my high resolution monitors are still playing CMx1, even CMBO, though not at wide screen and Windows 10 for some reason does not allow "fog" effects, but everything else works fine. I play CMx1 NOW instead of CMx2, because, well, it is just more enjoyable. And the models and textures are still incredible. I spent 25 years with IBM as an electrical engineer who did software development in the area of network routing (multicast mostly), then system management software. CMx1 still remains the top of my list of most respected software achievements that I admire most. CMx2 does not compete, because I feel it got confused in trying to deliver every grog nard complaint about "realism". It looks prettier, but no, very tedious to play. Why remove play aids, make things more difficult to tell what is going on, etc. Oh, that is how combat really is, oh please, next "game"... Man, what I would give to have CMx1 re-released with the CMx2 graphics, same gaming engine. Yea, I know a lot of work to get models covering the periods it covered, but that was it's charm and what made it far superior to the CMx2 of delivering small chunks that "pay more attention to detail" for that period. As far as I'm concerned, it has not been satisfactory at all. But my opinion is pretty much worthless, so everyone will make their own. Still, Combat Mission is an all time favorite, regardless if I think the direction it went was not satisfactory. CMx1 rules still, after 20 years. That is quite an accomplishment. And on top of that, there are still those of us playing it after 20 years and ignoring the installed CMx2 games. Go figure.
  3. The CM of my dreams is CMx1 with CMx2 graphics, western Europe, eastern Europe, South front. With all the play aids brought back. I still play CMx1 to this day, as well as CMx2, but CMx1 still remains the game of choice. Far superior except for visual, but totally acceptable at high resolution, though the non-wide screen support is annoying. However, even with these negatives, I still prefer CMx1 over CMx2 any day. 20 years after CMBO intro, it is wonderful that I can still play on Windows 10 all the CMx1 titles. They are still awesome and the best. CMx2 has not captured the WW2 gaming experience I want. Sorry. I find CMx2 more tedious and irritating because I feel forced to play in an environment that is more intended for email competition, where so much effort in simulating "reality" that it just makes the game less enjoyable via single player. Why was unit scaling taken away? Because it is more realistic without? Line of sight tools? CMx1 is a lot easier to play and much more enjoyable. Sure, the scope is so much larger than any CMx2 title. I actually accepted the justification of CMx2 being more restricted in time scale, but in the end, it has not delivered (in my opinion). Sure, I want to keep buying CM titles, the best thing that happened to computer war gaming, but looking at what is available for CMx2 over the years, it is not enough. Too restrictive and too tedious in game play. Sorry, after years of gaming CMx1 and CMx2, CMx1 is far and above the memorial game. My dream CM game is having all three CM titles released with CMx2 graphics, supporting wide screen, including my three monitors that CMx2 supports. But I know the reasons why this won't be done, but it still remains the dream.
  4. I love playing the CMx1 titles more than the CMx2 titles. I have all the CM titles, but CMx1 just pleases more. Not because of its war time coverage (which is appreciate), but it has better play aids all removed for CMx2. However, my previous PC died, but okay, my CMx1 play in on an older PC than that! But CMx1 will not run on my newest VR ready PC, heck, even the license program won't run (regardless compatibility setting). However, I FEAR one day my old PC will die and CMx1 will be taken away from me forever more. I would pay full price again to get CMBO, BB, and AK all updated for newer system and driver support, even add wide screen (but not a must), just some work to let the series run on newer systems. And before the business model gets thrown at me, I have plenty of older war game favorites that do not deter me from buying newer titles (Panzer Campaigns, Steel Panthers, etc.). I will continue buying all future CM titles, CMx1 ownership did not stop from doing that, even though I was still playing it after CMx2 purchases. I play them both. I've waited years to see if it would ever be done and looks like it is not going to happen. But I'm still playing CMx1, maybe not for too much longer when my really old PC dies, but I'll request just in case it means anything at all.
  5. More fun? I won't go that far for me personally. What I was surprised about was having just as much fun with modern vs WW2 era, which is what pulled me to CMx1 in the first place. I was kind of stuck on the WW2 only ticket, regardless what BFC said, offered, or promoted. Once I allowed myself to "try it out" for an extended ride, I now know better. I think I would love whatever era CM was used for. The attention to detail, the scale, the WEGO with tactical AI play style, and the obvious dedication put into each title made me realize I would be cheating myself by being too selective.
  6. Bases vs floating icons? Floating icons wins hands down. No only selectable from ground '1' view, they give information like select one and all units in same platoon have icons hi-lighted, making things a whole less tedious and easier to keep proper organizational structure, needed for C2. They blink when taking casualties, they fade when panic and not selectable. I can go on and on. I know its my own opinion, but I do not miss the colored bases except in "map view", but even there the icons are sufficient. If there was an option, I would never go back to bases.
  7. WW2 is where it is at. CM has no business going anywhere else. WW2 wins hands down… Okay, maybe not. This CMSF is not so bad. Okay, this CMSF is really good. Okay, this CMSF rocks! Alright, CM is not all about WW2, it does other era weapon systems very well, and it is just as exciting to play. Now I’ve done all the CMSF scenarios, back to WW2. Oh, wait, I think I better do Marines module scenarios, maybe British Forces and NATO too. Oh, I can’t wait for CM Afghanistan! Bottom line, regardless of era, CMx2 game system is a dream coming true as the original CMx1 was. I find challenge in learning how to use all the different weapons systems, regardless of era, or nationality, or whatever. CM just does it really well. Of course, starting at version 1.32 doesn’t hurt, but I’ve been missing out. And so much more to come, in both modern and WW2, I couldn’t be happier. So a new fan for the modern era CM, there is more here than I ever expected. I’ll silence the CM WW2 only nonsense now. Please forgive.
  8. 56 and totally computer gamed out, bored, tired of present ho-hum click fest quick fix and shallow choices. Except CM of course, where CM still thrills, still chills, and I still can 't get my fill.
  9. Been gone awhile from forum, but not from CMx1 engine, played it more than any other, can't believe its been from the CMBO Demo in 2000. However, it started looking old on a 70" LED TV and I got tired of setting screen to 1600x1200 on each play session, but you just couldn't beat the best WWII tactical game ever. My email address had changed, I didn't even know CMBN was out! CMx2 for WWII. I owned CMSF, been in my library for two years, but not played yet, no modern interest, so I bought CMBN, CW Module, and CMFI. But while waiting for ww2 based games, to break in on CMx2, I finally installed CMSF and its modules. I was greatly surprised, 1080p immediately used, finally wide screen for CM! But more to my surprise, I loved the modern stuff on CMx2! I was even more impressed with CMBN, so without delay, CMA was ordered. I'll take anything now with CMx2. I can't believe I have to admit it, I was wrong on modern, its a blast. So now after two months of playing, decided I'll finally post and on to the subject of this post. After so many years with CMx1, I wasn't all that happy of the business decision of Battlefront on releasing more focused time period games and modules. I stand corrected. Brilliant plan. The result is better concentration on the period, more flavor, more attention to details. Okay, I was against, but I'm now sold, converted, admit my previous mistaken opinion. You should be rewarded for releasing such jewels of tactical gaming goodness. And being able to purchase these games and fuel further development is more than worth it. Its an outstanding business decision and I hope the financial results prove successful. I was very dissappointed when BF first announced the new direction, but I recant it all. BF did the right thing, and I'm rewarded by their outstanding results in CMx2, all the games. Now the news of future cold war EF, ww2 EF, and Bulge is welcome indeed. And keep those modules coming too. I'll take it all. I was wrong, you were right. Am I upset? Are you kidding? I'm the happiest I've ever been with a game series in my life, and don't think it will ever be topped, except for CMx3 that is.
  10. Visit this site seldomly now, but still playing CM from CMBO release. Never anything better. CMx2 Shock Force didn't cover area of interest, so I bowed out. But CMx1 more than sufficient to fill WWII needs. Thanks for the CMx2:Nomandy module visual bones. Looks absolutely delicious. I'm finally in the CMx2 purchasing queue when the WWII based modules become available. You have two programmers now, should be twice as fast, no?
  11. I don't post anymore, but after all these years, I still visit to read and play CMBB, CMAK, and CMBO. Just nothing better. My biggest problem is hardware, the new NVIDIA cards/drivers just don't handle these games any more. And boy what would I give for CMBB/CMAK update for wide screen support! But even though its getting long in the tooth, I still play these games. Can't get interested in CMSF, but I'm patiently waiting for the follow on products. CMBB and CMAK is a big improvement over CMBO, but I still play CMBO as well. Its worth having all three.
  12. Obviously it has no impact to CMBB, and I think that is the correct assumption. Non-functional = "cosmetic only" to me. Data behind it remains, woods = woods, though you modified the woods graphic tile to look like statue of liberty, it is still woods when transition into CMBB for tactical play. So I am assuming it means someone may have a mod to turn CMC campaign maps into martian landscapes (in addition to unit/group graphics), but nothing actually changes functionally. And that means no martians (or space lobsters) jumping out of the red shrubs mowing down your Panzer Grenadiers in CMBB. They will be reds none the less, but not of the martian variety.
  13. Yea, it's me. Someone remembers? I never really went away, I still read these forums quietly. Once CM addicted, you are that way for life. I suspect I'll never stop playing, maybe less when CMx2 does WWII era. In the mean time, CMC looks like it is something to look forward to.
  14. Are we going to be able to "advance order" this product? I know, when advance order is ready. The new CMx2 modern does not interest, but this product is a "must have" for myself. But I would like the availability of "Charge me and send to me when it's ready" option. You can add "regardless of price" in case that may change as well. Good luck on the release when it is ready. Looking very much forward to it. Keep the beta test going for however long it takes. Thanks,
  15. Thanks junk2drive That will work until an official MikeyD version...
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