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T-90 with Teeth

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Its not often in CMBS that the Russians feel success against the Americans

But this T90, was my hero as I did a practice battle.

Not only did he manage some realistic kills vs Abrams.

He also manage to survive hits from two Abrams also (Yes see the rabbit foot hanging from the open hatch.)

The Commander and Gunner has just bailed before a Bradley finially removes this tank from battle. At least those two get to fight another day.



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He also had a other tank that managed to become his wing man for the last half of the battle, he also had a huge day, but his diet was a little more manageable in that he was dueling Bradley's instead of Abrams


But I cannot remember two units having such success in a long while in this format. 

with CMSFII coming out soon, I am getting hungry for some interesting match ups that can happen.



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