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Royal Italian Army Tactical Icons BETA Released

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I want to thank CMFDR –this mod would not be able to be accomplished without source material provided and suggestions given. Also again want to thank


amidali who helped with the translations.

The link to the BETA Royal Italian Army Icons is here. PLEASE read the short README!


As I stated in another post:

“Nearly Everyone either fudges it with NATO/Wehrmacht or small pictures. Not CMFDR/Tempestzzzz. So this is a first. The real deal-Royal Italian Army Tactical Map Symbols!

And we're pretty proud of that.

It may be a little jarring for the eye when you see it first on your screen because all of us have been raised on NATO and Wehrmacht Tactical Signs. You may go back to that-but at least your horizons were broadened. Right?

I should add we have quite a few historical resources to draw on-but every icon used  won't be present since there are some units Not in the Royal Italian Army depicted in FI/Gustav Line (i.e. SNIPERS and ANTITANK infantry units (like Bazooka and Panzershreck). Certainly no Heavy or Medium Tanks. “

Below is some screenshots in what it looked on my computer. The first screenshot show Regular Force Italian Icons with Lozenge shape. The second screenshot shows Round Shape. You choose which ones you want.


The screenshot with green round icons is what you use with the Italians playing as BLUE force."


The icon selection will be expanded if future modules  should they have more Italian Unit specialties. Currently the icons we are using are only Royal Italian Army units in Fortress Italy and Gustav Line game.


Also, the final release will be in BRZ format and a key to the signs.  The future Non BETA release will also include a tactical sign reference an actual screenshot of the Royal Italian Army actual icon depicted from a source document. CMFDR and I don't want you to think we made these icons up.



Hope you enjoy. Please leave comments and suggestions. I’m on travel for 2 weeks but will monitor from iPad.  CMFDR can also answer your queries to.

If it appears this is a big production for a small mod-let me just say-researching a few of these icons wasn't easy. Not a whole lot on the INTERNET. The work felt like a Big Production. :lol:

Italian Round HQ's icon here (optional use-MOD-TAGGED [HQ's icon very similar to infantry unit icon [as in real life]) The Regular Units are Lozenge shape in this screen shot-But Round shape Regular Units look the same as HQ round icon.



Regular Unit Icons- Lozenge Shape


Italian BLUE Force Icons-Round shape only.



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We certainly will upload to Greensajade. However, I want to include a small pdf readme that matches the in game icons with thumbnail actual screen captures from Italian Army docs.  I foresee maybe 2 or 3 weeks. It would be sooner but I'm without real computer resources/utilities to do that while on travel.


I already cleaned up/fixed the HQ's icon that has an uneven blur on one side.

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