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AS Desert Fox Released ! Operational Game for CMAK

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I found this site "http://www.arpastrategy.com/"and it claim to be an Operational game actually working with CMAK -  building a scenario in CMAK according to the operational situation, which you can play and you can transfer the data back to the operational layer.


From the description:

Desert Fox can be played alone since you have an automatic resolution feature, but it is really interesting if you use it with Combat Mission Afrika Korps © Battlefront.com

AS Desert Fox includes an automated interface program which will be started when you click on the button "Tactical game". This program will build the scenario in CMAK according to the operational situation. Terrain conditions, units strength, type, fitness, experience... are taken into account. Results of the battle have to be typed once you reenter the operational game. All the process has been worked and reworked and is now as much smooth as it can be, given the limitation of such a system.


Here is the manual: http://www.arpastrategy.com/Portals/5/Repository/DesertFox/Manual_070.pdf


Is this legit?

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