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  1. Actually I started this thread for the exact opposite, I was tired of smashing my opponent when playing US. Not just winning but winning by a huge margin.
  2. While I agree that proper testing needs to be done before BF can change things, anecdotal evidence is still important and dont think Sgt.Squarehead should criticized for his methods. I would have thought the test he did would be of value and does demonstrate the US advantage in my eyes. I thinks that what we call a control in science? Sure "real world" testing ie within a battle, is probably better but Sgt.Squareheads method has some value as a control and seems to show US superiority. He gives his method and others can repeat it so why is what he did so insignificant LanL? Anyway thanks Sgt.Squarehead for taking the time to do that and the others who have offered explanations. Much appreciated guys.
  3. Wow did not expect so much response so thank you to you all for the input. Too much to respond to everyone but special thanks to Sophist_13 and those who gave some practical advice on how to play the Ruskies. BTW Sophist your english is pretty good! Also to Ian L for providing a formal process for checking these claims out. And thanks to the rest of you for sharing your experiences.
  4. I wouldn't mind so much that the Russians often don't spot first but the real deal breaker is what The Steppenwolf said about: after being shot at the Russian units still take an age to see whats shooting at them. Speed that up and they might stand a chance...
  5. Yeah excessive is the word and you're right about how bad they are at spotting stuff that is and has been firing at them. That's how I just wrecked half my opponents force. Just rolled up and blasted several IFVs and infantry into the dust and they didn't even see their own destruction. Admittedly I had done everything right but his guys couldn't even return fire, none of them. Over the next few turns I just gave up on being cautious and just started rolling through his lines. I can imagine how un-enthused he is now to continue and offered to cease fire for his sake. It takes hours to set all this up and play out the turns and then it takes seconds for the ultra US to wipe it all out. Ridiculous.... Hmm that's interesting about the drone. Sometimes they take awhile to set up and spotting takes time too but im sure you are aware of that.
  6. Yes I agree with most everything you have said here and thanks for the heads up regarding @sublime, cheers. Yeah I thought the Corsairs would help... I disagree on one issue though... to me it doesn't seem to matter what house rules or "crutches" you give the Russians because it doesn't really help to have more crappy units that still die as fast, it just takes longer for the US to mop up the Russians. They still suck even if you have loads of them. Also most players want to enforce strict arty rules which imo only really hurts the Russians, in the only area where they could have a slight advantage in firepower (but not accuracy). Also its kinda sad to have to try and "game" the system just to get a "fair" fight. Thanks for you reply Gnarly.
  7. So when all else is equal (Player experience and troop experience) does everybody just accept they will likely get wrecked when they play as Russia and put up with it? I would say this probably puts new comers off when they think it's a problem with them rather than the game. I agree, the Russian spotting is abysmal. I am playing a game right now and my poor opponent lost half his forces in one turn. Even when they came under fire his units couldn't seem to see my guys that were right in front of them blasting them to pieces. Needless to say it just ruins the game for us. I think Battlefront needs to address this.
  8. I am wondering if anyone else thinks the Russians are at a disadvantage. US vehicles seem to spot faster, react quicker and their APS systems seem to work nearly every time. Its getting to a point where I can always win when I play the US and always loose when I play as the Russians. It would be ok if the difference was close but Russian kit seems woefully inadequate. In nearly every respect the Russians seem disadvantaged, from infantry to armor. My experience with T90AM (APS) is bad. Their APS sucks compared to the US. I have played dozens of games where it just fails to even go off or be effective when it does, utter garbage... Also their armor seems bad compared to the Abrams. In my experience they are glass canons where the Abrams can soak up hit after hit! I'm tired of getting wrecked by US when I play Russia and I'm tired of wrecking the Russians when I'm playing as the US. It becomes very boring when one side has such a massive advantage over the other. Anyone else noticing this or is this the great un-spoken topic of the forum because I guess if everyone admitted to it no one would want to play the Russians... Has this always been like this or has V4 done this? It's starting to wreck this otherwise fine game for me.
  9. I will give you a game mate. Just pm me. Welcome aboard.
  10. Did not know that... well that's even better than I thought then! The real fun to be had is against another opponent and is where cm shines for me. (thanks to a couple of forum members who have taken the time to give me a go, thanks guys) Hit me up for a game rogue, have you played against a human opponent?
  11. Hi Rogue. You are not doing anything wrong but if you would like a more aggressive opponent try a meeting engagement or PM me for a game via email. Part of the problem is in the way the game is designed and the different levels of ai. Scenarios and campaigns have plotted plans where quick battles do not. Don't think the game is flawed because of this, it is more a result of the engine and what they are trying to achieve with it. Against a human opponent this game is amazing. To me the quick battle option is more for multi player and experimenting. For single play the challenge is with the scenarios and campaigns. I really recommend playing against a human opponent and you wont look back!
  12. Douglas Mac


    Hey mate, im willing to give you a game. i have cmbs v4 and cmfi/gl. pm if your still looking, cheers.
  13. pm me guys if still looking. i have cmbs v4 and cmfi/gl
  14. Im interested in a game of either cmfi/gl or cmbs. plz pm me if you are still looking. cheers
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for players who finish games. Guaranteed finished games on my end, I have a lot of spare time.
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