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  1. Hello petsi,

    Interested in the following: CM:BN-FI-RT (fully patched) against Human Opponent via PBEM...I prefer up to Reinforced Company size engagements.

    I also use Dropbox, and can do 1-2 files a day...If interested PM your Dropbox email.


  2. Hello, I have opponent slot open! PBEM CMBN/CMFI/CMRT/CMBS contact info on first post Br, Petsi
  3. Thanks to this thread I have found several great opponents! I have one slot open, so if you are looking for CMFI/CMBN PBEM, don't hesitate to contact. I am currently running CMBN 2.1.1 and CMFI 1.11, but I will update them to the latest as soon as the ongoing PBEMs end. Recently I have been playing maybe 3-5 turns per day on average, meaning sometimes I have plenty of time, sometimes not so much.
  4. Hello! Because of the initial post I managed to find couple of great PBEM opponents! However, now I have a slot available! Since my initial post I have upgraded my CMBN to MG. I am looking for CMBN,CW+MG or CMFI+GL opponents. I appreciate if you play the battles to the end instead of quitting after first 5 minutes if it doesn't go as smoothly as you wanted. (Or if you get bored) Because of the issue with US rockets being underpriced/too common (BF please fix this!) I would prefer QBs with auto-purchase or battles. I enjoy playing both sides, but I prefer axis. Best regard
  5. Hello, Opponents wanted for CM:BN (2.0) or CM:FI PBEM WEGO battles. I have Commonwealth forces and Gustav Line installed. I have been playing CM since CMx1, but I would still consider myself a beginner player. I am looking for opponents who are not in a hurry and who understand that people are not always in front of computer. Sometimes I will go away for a weekend and that means no turns during that time. Of course occasionally I can play for a longer period of time. I am looking for an opponent who always finishes their battles, whether they are losing or winning. (You can
  6. http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/05/finland-in-world-war-ii/100519/ (More from http://sa-kuva.fi/) Battlefront, Please redo Barbarossa to Berlin with CMx2 2.0 engine! Pleaaasee!
  7. post it here, then we'll know more if it is ati problem (catalyst problem), you can try switching the opengl-dll (I will instruct you with this later if needed) you could have unsupported graphics chipset, for example most mobile chipsets or it could be nvidia problem, where it could be enough to just change opengl-settings
  8. do you know what display adapter you have? if not, run dxdiag to find out start->run enter "dxdiag" + enter then choose display tab and check the "Name", it reads for example "ATI Radeon HD 4800 series" or "NVIDIA Geforce MX/400"
  9. This way I can keep my tested, fast & stable catalyst-configuration on other games and still get tow working. Catalyst 8.7 contains old drivers and software and catalyst 8.9 is still at beta and I read they are a bit unstable (crashing, weird visual artifacts). Still, installing catalyst 8.7 or 8.9 would made the game work too. Replacing opengl-components for single game is not a new thing. People have done it in the past. For example, in one release of catalyst drivers, ati removed over 20 opengl extensions which made several games and other software not working. Catalyst 8.8 is
  10. CASE SOLVED I downloaded both catalyst 8.7 and catalyst 8.9 (beta). Then I extracted the installation package with 7zip so that I could get my hands on on atioglxx.dl_. Notice: package names may differ if you have different os. Mine is vista 32bit. catalyst 8.7 - atioglxx.dll version instructions follow) 1)extract the executable with 7zip or rar. 2)expand $OUTDIR/atioglxx.dl_ with expand C:\Temp\8-7_vista32_dd_65998\$OUTDIR>expand atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll Microsoft (R) File Expansion Utility Version 6.0.6001.18000 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All r
  11. Thank you Sneaksie, I tried the game with my old graphics card and older drivers, ATI X1600 / Catalyst 8.7 and it works, although the game is so slow that it is unplayable. I found out that SecondLife viewer also has problems with catalyst 8.8 and I hope that will create enough pressure for ATI to fix its drivers. When I get home I will try ToW with catalyst 8.9 beta drivers.
  12. I tested the demo, and it resulted to same error nothing seems to be working, I am very disappointed
  13. Is there a possibility to increase logging level so I could see what is the problem?
  14. Hello, I am not sure if I am elgible for support from battlefront for this issue because I have kalypso retail edition of the game. However, I will try and here is my problem description: I received my copy of Theatre of War (kalypso) from play.com couple of days ago, but I still have not been able to get it running. I have the infamous "Runtime error #3 (trap)" problem. I have tried kalypso version installed directly from the dvd without any patching, then I installed "uber-patch" but I still got the same error. I read troubleshooting guide from battlefront-site. I have late
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