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  1. Keep in mind that Breakthrough is an upgrade, or rather an expansion from the original game..
  2. Will95 Has the fight gone out of you? Or is there something else a foot?
  3. Just read the below quote (in bold) over at SC3. Does most of that quote hold true for SCWWI? I'm real interested in this part of the quote: "A HQ offers supply to other HQs".... Your HQ does two things: offer supply and offer support. - A HQ offers supply to everything around it, much like a city does. If the HQ itself is supplied for 6 or more, it offers the same supply as a city of 10, meaning it offers 9 to troops next to it, 8 to troops that are 2 hexes away and so on. If the HQ itself is supplied for 1-5, it offers the same supply as a city of 8, meaning 7 to troops next to it, 6 to troops that are 2 hexes away and so on. If the HQ itself is not supplied, it offers the same supply as a city of 5, meaning 4 to troops next to it, 3 to troops that are 2 hexes away and so on. A HQ offers supply to other HQs. So, in Russia, you can "chain HQs": put a HQ near a city (so it has supply 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, giving 7-6 supply around it) and place another HQ near it. That second HQ will give 10 supply. Supply does not change with the HQ's experience or the HQ rating. The Italian HQ offers supply to Germans troops and vica-versa. - A HQ also offers supportto troops that are assigned to it. Depending on your technology, this can be up to 8 troops. IT isbest to manually assign your attack troops to a HQ (armies, tanks, artillery & bombers) because else the AI picks units and may give support to a garrison in the back and not give support to the tank in front. A troop that is under HQ support has a higher readiness then other troops and thus fights alot better than other troops. Support does change with the HQ experience, HQ rating and HQ research. The Italian HQ does not offers support to Germans troops nor vica-versa.
  4. What I do like about SCWWI is the players "cannot spam certain units", there's a limit to each category of units, unlike CTGW: which can turn into an abortion given a chance by the owning player, be it that it is SP or MP.
  5. Good to hear you are more optimistic as of late! Congratulations on the Russian Front! One can bet the Germans will be reinforcing the Eastern Front bigly. Railroads will be busy.. I usually go manual for detaching, will have to try your "A" concept (thanks for the heads-up by the way)... Been Reading the posts over at Matrix SC3 forum, there is a good thread called "Supply for Dummies", which gave me a renewed perspective of this game... Keep up the good work!
  6. Where Lordz has given up on CTGW and is willing to release all it's work (as far as I know) to another party for further development with the blessings of Ian McNeil might this be of interest to SC? Ideally, I 'd like to see a blend of these 2 games (SCWWI and CTGW) into one production. Personally I prefer the SC maps as hex based and keep all the SC scenarios, in reality CTGW does not offer a whole lot to scenario diversity. I'd keep the SC tech and diplomatic systems and units, however I would change the detach/attach system to commander's ZOC (which it presently has) only (silhouetted), perhaps having overlapping generals ZOCs (this would speed up in game arrangement/deployment without a lot of micromanagement). Definitely change the SC game's music (presently the music is rather dreary/not inviting). Movement and combat needs a different methodology, such as it is in SC that when a unit is moved it is the only time it can have combat, I'd prefer that after the curser is off the unit that later the curser could be put back on the moved unit for the unit to have combat. Somehow SC has to make this game smoother to use than is presently.
  7. Been following the remake of SC2 to SC3 with interest especially over at the Matrix SC3 forum where there has been a huge amount of posts. Might it be possible to do a remake of SCWWI in much the same way? Look here: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tt.asp?forumid=1252
  8. Was able to set up a test save of 1914 C to As and check out the preprogramed reinforcements from the production window and get a birds' eye view of the entire map, got some answers there about fleets (fr)(gb)(r). Have not heard you mention anything about naval activities so far, thought maybe there were none, per pre-game agreement. Absolutely cannot stand having to place G reinforcements before the scenario actually begins, really bothersome. At the very least the test save allows me to hide units and so forth to identify map locations and values, also Italian units, ect., makes it so much easier to follow your AAR (and clear out my rustiness, never mind game orientation). Seems to me there should have been a button for disbanding, maybe I'm a little confused... More than anything I am here to learn...
  9. For some reason cannot edit: So this post What kind of French ship is at Quimpec port and why? Also see the Brit aircraft carrier next to Le Havre. Is it effective against land units? I found that very interesting after reading your latest report....
  10. Info: What does the letter "A" mean to your commanders? And What does the letter "S" mean to your Russian artillery?
  11. Another thought occurred to me: Would Ash attempt to invade England? Does he have the MMP to pull that off? He certainly has the manpower while your tied up in France. Would England have the MMP to defend itself on yet another front?
  12. What's your plans after Paris? If all your French reinforcements go to Marseilles... Defense of La Rochelle maybe? To the bitter end.. Let the Germans chase the English to lands end (Brest) in one continuous fighting withdrawal to buy time for a French buildup (you know the English will get slaughtered once Paris falls). With all the cities being lost in Brittany will there be enough French NM (O% surrender) left to even defend Marseilles? Will Ash start railing units to the East or to South France once you are cornered in West France? What's to become of the Belgians? Can they Transport? Would it be worth it? Hole them up in Cherbourg for a last stand, possible disbanding (they can't recruit)? So many possibilities...
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