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  1. For example here: Hills - rural (736 x 1008) 123a2 The description of this map is "Map size 736x1008 attacker setup north defender setup south objectives 1 maj vp & 2 min vps best play 45 mins" Here's the save: From the beginning to the end of 2nd turn https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxcKPFQ13nrSMWFoMHVVNXJ5YVE We also tried a few different maps which are getting the same result, one of them is Small Open-Rural (576 x 720)118a2
  2. Me and my friends noticed that, all of our test were conducted after 2-3 turns have passed
  3. I've experienced this on almost every map in QB. Here's the scenario: Battle type: US attack battle size: no matter Date: 1944 Dec Condition: Clear Day, Patchy Snow Rarity: Standard auto suggestion end up fine, but when i hand picked the units for enemy(in this case Germans, haven't try US on the other side) to employ, either these 2 happens: all troops crowding on the edge of the map, never actually deploy to anywhere; All troops deployed in a backward fashsion, ie: tanks and emplacement weapons facing backward at the frontline, and GIs stacked more close to the back of defensive position with ass facing the frontline/staying at wrong side of cover.
  4. I haven't receive my copy from the pre-order, did anyone actually get it? Or how long do we still need to wait.
  5. I am in San Francisco and I'm trapped at 600kb speed too And other 3 hrs to go then.
  6. I'm in SF for CNY too and I didn't see you, must be XCOM!
  7. Thank you, I'll try the helpdesk see if I can get any help
  8. I posted this in customer support and FB general discussion forum, and they suggest me to come here see if I can find any solution. I experienced major mouse input lag in game and I'm out of options on fixing it(BN, RT, and BS all the same). I tried turning High Priority Process on and off and it didn't work, changing other graphical setting aren't making anything better neither.To be more specific, whenever there's more than a company on the battlefield the input begins to lag, mouse and keyboard the same time, until I painfully turn the camera off from the battlefield where everything runs smoothly once again, but How can I do anything if I can't even look at the battlefield, right? And at the same moment I don't experience any frame drop at all, the game frames itself runs good, just the input is messed up.Below is my basic computer setting:CPU: I7 4770Graphic Card: GTX670RAM: 16GB 1333 Addtionally, My system was Win 7 SP1 64bit Ultimate with a Chinese localization installed, upgraded it to latest Win 10 64bit ultimate with Chinese localization doesn't do anything good. Also almost all of my Chinese friends are experiencing the same input lag just like what I described above. I don't know if there's anything related to the Localization.
  9. BN, RT, and BS all the same, input lag is severe(not only me but many of my friends) with or without that High Priority Process Me personally has a considerable decent computer: CPU: I7 4770 Graphic Card: GTX670 RAM: 16GB 1333 the game runs fluently with over 30 FPS and I still get a major input lag(longest time it took me 2 mins to input one command) and this is being around ever since I was using i5 with a gtx670 and a 8 gb ram and further to the configuration that I don't even remember.:(
  10. As my topic, I'm wondering if there's any optimization done on the new Combat Mission. The mouse and control lag is really painful when there's more than a company on the map.
  11. Just a little bit of research on TOW will tell you that it has a 65m minimum fire range for its warhead to be armed. This is designed to be a safety to ensure danger close misfire(or emergency fire) wouldn't hurt the crew.
  12. I did experienced the same situation just like what happened in your video, and I've seen Javelin missile is been intercepted too, although it only happened once in my entire gameplay ever since the game release
  13. I guess this is the reasonable explanation for the APS intercepetion
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