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  1. FWIW, I continue to hope that the somewhat slow release schedule is partly because CM3 is being worked on as we speak ... I admit to thinking sometimes that the balance of work / "issues" on CM2 is a little off - I guess mainly because of the decisions taken many moons ago over the structure of CM2. For example: there are (almost) infinite pains taken to get new release TOE / ammunition load-outs etc right (which is good, of course), but we still have to accept (rather too often for my taste) AP shells exploding harmlessly, repeatedly, on a tree sitting exactly in front of the aiming-point centre of mass of a target AFV. I guess that the latter is difficult / impossible to address because of the way the CM2 engine works: but I'd sooner see a solution to that than addressing the correct shoulder patches on the uniforms of *insert nation here* troops in an expansion package. Or am I being unfair?
  2. I *think* what @RepsolCBR meant was not that it's HIS view that things are too big / too complicated, but that that's what BFC say to explain why every new release *seems* to take so long ...??
  3. Hey @Bud Backer ... if you were going to demolish the whole town, I think the regulations require that you apply for the relevant permit before you begin ... 😊
  4. Another thought: if you want to continue the game via both updating to the same version, you can do that mid-game but there is a process to follow ... Not done this for a while, but IIRC the person updating needs to view the replay of the previous minute in the file they can see / load in the old version, save off the file mid-turn, update / patch and then give their orders in the new version, to send off a new version file to the opponent who already has the newer version? Make sense???
  5. Being an old game, is it possible that you and your opponent are now not using the same version of the game? I'm not sure, but *think* it may be the case that, as well as not working cross-version, the game "knows" that it's not a valid file and so doesn't even show you it in the interface and so is not able to load it?
  6. One "fix" - to my mind - that I've mentioned over the years and seems to me (well, it would, wouldn't it!) to be easier to implement is to be able to select a unit and its movement waypoint(s) as plotted by you and then hit a command to "force' the pathing algorithm to run and show you the route and waypoints that will actually be plotted by the A.I. for that unit only ... If it shows that the unit will actually take a path that's different to what you want / expect, you can "think again" ... As the intended route will only be based on what the unit already knows before the turn starts (and before it reacts during the turn to enemy fire), it doesn't seem to contradict FOW? And its using only the pathing routine that will run when you hit go ... so requires no new features as such; and is voluntary and for use as you decide or not, so will slow down moves only as much as you let it? Cures AFVs thinking they won't fit through gaps in buildings, impassable terrain, etc and going the long way around via LOS to the enemy? And building entrances, like this? Unless the pathing routine won't work in a "preview" mode like that?
  7. @Bud Backer I've used your file 001 and put 002 in our dropbox (your folder), but edited the name to use an "a" without the umlaut ...
  8. Yep, I think it's the name thing ... If I don't use the default savefile name suggestion, containing the umlaut-ed "a", but instead re-spell it with a plain "a", the file saves OK. So my Mac (all Macs?) doesn't seem to like trying to save a battle filename which uses an umlaut ... Presumably why the characters in the name in the loading screen (and in the battle list screen) are different and don't use the umlaut? Did BF purposely change this? Or has my Mac "done" something to the default BF filename data?
  9. Hmmm ... I wonder if it's something as simple (???) as the filename, and an odd coincidence of the battle I chose?? I tried another battle at random, and can save a file 001 for that, as I would have expected. But this one: the file loads with this name displayed on screen: But then tries to save it showing the (correct, AFAIK) umlaut (?) character, as does the error message ... Is it this discrepancy causing the problem, with this battle (name) only?
  10. Thanks for the file ... but no, still doesn't work. I can load it, fill in a password ... but when I try to save file 002, I get the same error message as shown above when I was trying to save the file 001 from me initiating the battle. Stuck ...
  11. I was going to play the Axis side ... if that's OK with you. (And thanks for your email, also ...) There's definitely no extant save file of the same (nor any other) name, so it's not that ... And, for other reasons, I recently shut down and re-started the iMac, so that doesn't seem to apply either ... Aren't computers wonderful!
  12. @Bud Backer this (above) was to be our new battle (!) ... apologies for the hiccup in delivering a new game file ...
  13. This is a CMFI-based problem, but posted here as it may have a wider relevance ... I had thought CMFI (all my titles ...) to be operating normally: they have for years (literally). Then had an issue with all titles having a (mysteriously, to me) delayed start-up after a Mac OS update (raised at the time in a separate thread): this seemed to have "gone away" after just letting the titles "rest", whilst being labelled as "not responding", until they eventually sprang into (delayed) life. Trying to start a CMFI PBEM game and save off the first turn, I got this (attached screenshot file, which will hopefully show up here) error message, which I've never had / seen before ... "Trying again" doesn't do anything ... No changes to any of the CM files made (knowingly) by me. Any ideas??
  14. Just to clarify ... after the issue re-appeared, as in the above post, the same treatment of simply leaving the title / icon to "sit" a while worked, they now start OK again.
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