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  1. You can, as already pointed out ... but if you did that to ME you'd miss a lot of good stuff. He was only joking ... unless perhaps I've missed that you were too, in which case embarrassed apologies ...
  2. Try this link: https://h2hh.fogbugz.com/default.asp?pg=pgPublicEdit to report a problem in CMH to GaJ, the author?
  3. Well, I'm glad you're happy! You don't say what advice you got / was changed, but there is still an issue somewhere I suggest ... my CMH launches my CMFI v2.0 / game engine 4 perfectly as usual, so it sounds like there remains something not right with your CMH and the title installs that it recognises, that could be fixed ... somehow!
  4. FWIW, my CMH install of CMFI v2.00 / Game Engine 4 still describes it (in the "Your CM Installations" tab) as FI v120 game engine 3.0 ... This is because (as I understand it) CMH cannot interrogate the CMFI files to determine unaided the actual version of CMFI as labelled by BF; rather GaJ has to update CMH to tell it what the latest version of CMFI is to look for (via the install's .brz files, I seem to recall, but possibly incorrectly ...) So, I don't think CMH "knows" it is dealing with a newer version of CMFI ... but it still works anyway ... for me!
  5. From here ... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jvh9sx2zla2k0eq/S6LZaVAw_7 But I don't think it should depend on this beta version ... not much different from the previous version I think (cannot recall now what changed), and it certainly pre-dates the BF "v4" upgrades, so it wouldn't (I think) cope any better with the new CMFI than the older version of CMH did ... Are you sure that you've pointed CMH to the right location of your new CMFI v 4 install? When I upgrade my CMFI to v4 (on a Mac) , I upgraded my default-location copy and CMH just recognised it and ran with it without any adjustments at all ...
  6. Hope you've got it sorted: if not by any chance, PM me ... happy to work through trying to sort it out.
  7. I'm using CMH 1.7.6-Beta, and it has continued to work as usual with Engine 4 / v2.0. I also have a dual install, continuing with an old copy of CMFI as well to finish a game, and CMH also does both also as usual, running battles under both versions. Any info on exactly when / what stopped working in CMH? You can turn on its Log File: it might say what is not working for the CMFI install?
  8. PhilM

    This or CMBN

    John, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your post: including many good points about the "real world" differences in the forces / vehicles being portrayed, rather than in the "games" per se. As someone fortunate enough to have all of the titles, my favourite is CMFI because of some of the factors you bring out. Where else do you get vineyards! And where having a 75mm armed Sherman gets a "yippee!" rather than a "oh no!" It is distinctively different to all of the others, to my mind.
  9. PhilM

    Why is it........?

    LOL A misbehaving baby having a tantrum is described as "spitting its dummy out of its pram": try "comforter" (?) for dummy, and "buggy" for pram ...???
  10. PhilM

    4.0 Infantry AI

    Michael, Have you checked in the "Documents" sub folder with the main title folder? I chose the "add on" files for my v4 Mac upgrade bundle (rather than download the big Master Installer files) ... running these installs has put a "CM Engine Manual v4.00.pdf" file in the Documents folder for each of the titles. These manuals contain a few intro pages of notes on the new v4.00 orders, etc ... as well as the more detailed content in the appropriate places in the manual.
  11. Just bought the Mac Big Bundle ... leaving aside CMFI for now, CMFB and CMBS installed fine, and accepted the new Bundle (single) licence key ... CMRT didn't work with that new key; but I tried the base game key I already had for CMRT, and that - surprisingly! - did work to activate engine 4: so CMRT now at engine 4; But ... still doesn't work with CMBN: none of that new Bundle key, nor the v3.12, v3.11 or v3 keys I have, work with the activate screen?? Help! (Don't know if it is significant, but the latest key before engine 4 that I have for CMBN v 3.12 / BP1 was for a windows version of the game that I somehow bought (!), but was "made to work" for the Mac download I had ... whether that key *might* have worked, as with CMRT above, but will not because of the switch ... may be irrelevant!)
  12. PhilM

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

    Do you always speak to people as though you think they are six years old ??
  13. PhilM

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

    Glad you got it working. I don't have your issue of wanting to exclude things from backups: but would it not be the work of a merely few more seconds to set up the backup exclusions by specifying the game / app folder names individually rather than by using your "Games folder" route? (Said humbly: it is of course your Mac and your choice!) And FWIW, though I'm by no means a Mac expert, given that literally every application I have on my machine, both Apple and third-party made, is by default stored in Applications, and where applicable they are auto-updated there by their various helper routines, I'd always assumed that BF were following the dictates of the Mac OS to locate CM products there, and so target the updates there also, rather than it being BF's peculiarity to work to that default location?
  14. PhilM

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

    Trust you! I couldn't NOT go and look up confirmation of what copacetic meant. Learned my new word for the day, though ...