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  1. So ... does this mean that, at some point in the CM timeline, the patches will arrive at exactly the same point in time - as far as can be determined - as the bugs which necessitate them are identified ... ???
  2. But will we have the patch by then or not??
  3. I think it's very mean of everyone so far not to compliment you on your choice of metaphor ... 😂
  4. Steve, I understand and accept that this (my bold bit of your quote above, and the rest of your post) is so: my piling in was only to increase awareness of the problem and get BF customers to check their card accounts, JUST IN CASE some of the problems are related to people's BF transactions. As you also say, the cards may well have been compromised in a completely different breach ... So, apologies if it seemed like I was holding BF to account for this; nothing further from my mind. And even if it were the BF transaction (though not BF ...) at fault ... my CMSF2 big bundle upgrade is well worth the hassle of needing a new credit card! 😊
  5. I bought the CMSF2 Big Bundle upgrade on 4 December: my card was used fraudulently for a ÂŖ1,300 attempted purchase in Germany in early January ... Fortunately the card provider declined the transaction, so the only hassle was a new card and number needed. Because of the time gap I didn't initially associate the card being compromised with the BF purchase, but it seems far too many examples to be just coincidence ☚ī¸
  6. OK, thanks for the quick confirmation: at least I'm not imagining things ... 😊
  7. With the usual apologies if this has been raised elsewhere, couldn't find anything ... As I've never played a CMSF campaign (dilatory, I know ...), I decided to remedy that by starting CMSF2 Semper Fi (upgraded): the first mission briefing says that the artillery support is provided by 1 initial and then 1 reinforcement DDG, but ... both those unit's icons on screen show as 155mm land-based artillery?? I've called one mission from the initial support, but it's not arrived yet: when it does, will the firepower represent the DDG, and it's just the screen icon which is wrong? Or is it a 155mm land-based artillery mission which will arrive? (Or, perhaps, are the two things deemed to be the same in game terms?) I'm guess I'm thinking of the differentiated "Naval Guns", icons and impact, in CMBN ...
  8. Close CMH. Find (where depends on if you are on a PC or - like me - a Mac ...) the file AppState.txt and delete it. Run CMH again, and a new "clean" version of the .txt file will be created. This can fix glitches in the starting / running of CMH ... The file is located in the same folder as the cmh_log.txt file, the location of which is noted as the first line of the CM Helper Log; running this is one of the "Options" available for CMH. That log itself may highlight other issues, when CMH runs. Worth the effort, as CMH is indispensable IMO. Usually (!) works flawlessly ... My (Mac) location is : /Users/"myname"/Library/Application Support/GreenAsJade/CMHelper/cmh_log.txt )
  9. An addendum ... Just noticed that my address details are not correct: it says I live in Aberdeenshire! (In state / province field.) Lovely though that bit of Scotland is, it isn't correct ... I'm assuming that it is the first (Ab ...) in an alphabetical list of the options (counties ...) for a UK address for that field, and it has used that first list entry rather than the actual one??
  10. A little feedback from me, hope it is helpful .... Firstly, thanks for the new site: very welcome! My re-setting of my password and subsequent site access worked first time: but ... From My Account I can click through to My Orders, which are present and listed, and can be opened to show dates, my name and address details, etc: however, the actual product content of the orders is not present, hence there are no links to e.g. re-download etc. (I don't need to at the moment, so no problem for me: just noting the glitch.)
  11. You can, as already pointed out ... but if you did that to ME you'd miss a lot of good stuff. He was only joking ... unless perhaps I've missed that you were too, in which case embarrassed apologies ...
  12. Try this link: https://h2hh.fogbugz.com/default.asp?pg=pgPublicEdit to report a problem in CMH to GaJ, the author?
  13. Well, I'm glad you're happy! You don't say what advice you got / was changed, but there is still an issue somewhere I suggest ... my CMH launches my CMFI v2.0 / game engine 4 perfectly as usual, so it sounds like there remains something not right with your CMH and the title installs that it recognises, that could be fixed ... somehow!
  14. FWIW, my CMH install of CMFI v2.00 / Game Engine 4 still describes it (in the "Your CM Installations" tab) as FI v120 game engine 3.0 ... This is because (as I understand it) CMH cannot interrogate the CMFI files to determine unaided the actual version of CMFI as labelled by BF; rather GaJ has to update CMH to tell it what the latest version of CMFI is to look for (via the install's .brz files, I seem to recall, but possibly incorrectly ...) So, I don't think CMH "knows" it is dealing with a newer version of CMFI ... but it still works anyway ... for me!
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