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  1. I prefer to play iron mode with rarity set to strict.
  2. Send me some PM's. Am ready for my first PBEM!
  3. I have never liked the 'gamey' way of just putting area fire where you (the player) know that the enemy is. So this sounds like a good idea if it can be done..
  4. Nevermind, I got completely butchered. Oh the agony
  5. I'm also fighting up that hill on the second mission, I realised early on (after eeer 3 tries) that slow was indeed the way to go. Used to play a lot of CMx1 and it really grips me now how one sloppy waypoint or massing of troops can knock them all out of working order. The pixeltruppen are, however, fighting just fine with support and a healthy volume of fire and of course early withdrawals when spotting rounds fall. Excellent missions thus far indeed.
  6. I've been to and fro about buying CMBN for a while now (own CMSF and marines) I realised, however, that the CMBN + commonwealth bundle was v. 1.0 and that 2.0 also costs a small amount. How does this work, do I have to buy the bundle and then buy the upgrade; as far as I know all the patches were free for CMSF?
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