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  1. I don't know that running a google doc precludes the forum. The key benefit is allowing us to do more of the work and updates and not putting it all on Alastair. But we could still post an image of the spreadsheet -- or some corresponding graphic like Alastair has been doing -- here Put differently, Alastair has been running a spreadsheet privately and posting the results graphically here. I am only suggesting we maintain the spreadsheet collectively but still can post images from it here. Not sure offhand if as nice a graphic as Alastair is doing can be done in Google docs...
  2. Quite a thoughtful post. Why in fact didn't Japan succeed more in China historically? I do like that if the anti-USA diplomacy strategy is tried by Germans/Japanese it forces Japanese to be less aggressive.
  3. O I wasn't clear in my subsequent post, embarassingly it was not actually be used against me. . Will have to save my righteous indignation till it is.
  4. Well write Alastair and see if he can find you a opponent lower on the ladder. Isnogud plays very unorthodox and very very well. You will be demoralized.. but learn a lot :-) Better if you start with someone easier though :-)
  5. Hey that's great! Feel like I contributed to your great game now Mr Cater! Regards, Luke
  6. In the thread I started earlier today on this Isnogud says he was able to win despite this. Of course he is a master player :-)
  7. OK this is embarassing. I think maybe the strategy is not being used against me yet ;-() my 8 mpp was due to usa having to start mpps to china. So I still have the same view about the game breaking nature of the anti usa via diplomacy but I think my opponent is not actually doing this. Doh.
  8. I am in a ladder game and the strategy of the Axis whacking the usa with diplomacy is being used against me. Absolutely my opponent's right to do so. But I also believe this is game breaking. It is January 1940 and the USA received EIGHT mpps. Eight. It is hard enough to beat the Axis with a normal USA. I see no chance now with this hit. And yes I understand the UK can do countering diplomacy. But I think we all know the kind of enormous pressures the UK economy comes under as it stands alone. I bring this up to voice my vote that this is a game breaking move and it should fixed. Secondly I consider playing games as the Allies against this strategy to be a futile exercise. While I will play this one out I'm really thinking hard whether there is a point to continue more ladder games till this is changed. I suppose this whining could just be my non expert play. So therefore I ask the following. Has ANYONE had success with allies against this strategy. I am not asking here about theory of how to deal with. I am asking if in practice has anyone been able to stop this strategy (presuming an experienced opponent)
  9. I like the new event where Belgian enters on the Allied side if Holland is attacked. However, in its current implementation it doesn't make much difference. Because Belgian doesn't enter till the end of the Allied turn following an axis attack. Therefore the Allies can't move into support as they were primed to do historically. Instead the Axis has a free turn to go after Belgium just like a normal DOW. So to realize the spirit of this event I would suggest the Belgian entry occur at the end of the AXIS turn of attack.
  10. Alastair should notice you here in a day or two and contact you. Send him an email if not.
  11. Alastair should be able to add you to ladder and get you a game:) welcome
  12. Hq must be full 10 (takes a few rounds of pumping up) and then units themselves must be at 10 (need to get hq pretty high up in str before units can be. In short get hq to 10, get units to 10
  13. Yes the Med strategy gave them a shot had it been pursued.
  14. Agreed however opening up the ME and by implication the Caucusus has USSR implications
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