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  1. I quite agree with Abukede. There is not one single aspect of this WWII game that is not playtested very heavily each step of the way as each one is added in. That's not to say everything will work perfectly upon release, but as a group we offer literally many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of changes, editions, alterations, suggestions, etc as we go.
  2. 47, born 3 months after the JFK assassination. My first home computer was a Radio Shack TSR-80 (as in...model year 1980).:eek: Had to "save" using tapes. No such thing as "floppies" yet either. :eek::eek:
  3. Panama Red, National Morale WILL count, just not to the extent and in the way that it does in the WWI version of this game. This will be more apparent in time.
  4. If you are finding it impossible to win against the AI no matter what the strategy, just simply lower your setting against the AI until you finally succeed. And if THAT still doesn't work...well....there's always the game editor as an (ahem) "equalizer". :eek:
  5. Noltyboy, :D:D That has got to be the best version of WWI I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I have to agree with Rambo, that IS a keeper. I need to save a copy of that one. :cool:
  6. Sea Monkey, The eloquent Desert Dave has been here playtesting with some of us playtesters along (and may I say he's done a great job of it, believe me) and doing his best to help make this WWII addition a great one. You will definitely enjoy this one. :cool: I'm sure some of the ole gang will be showing up here soon, once this baby is out. :eek:
  7. Soute.., I have done alot of editing the main campaigns during testing (as well as some of the other earlier SC games), and can tell you that usually when you choose to manually edit the scripts, it usually doesn't actually freeze, it simply pauses (sometimes for several minutes) before you are finally able to move your mouse to edit the scripts. Just be patient. It may be better to just choose "save without editing scripts" in my experience. Second, any time you choose to edit some features in the campaign, it lead to unforeseen problems with the scripts and can cause some scripts, DEs, and even unit problems that are difficult to foresee until after the fact. If you don' t have a lot of computer savvy (like me), just use trial and error until you get the results you are looking for. It can take a number of false starts before you get it right. As they say, practice makes perfect.
  8. Hubert, That's right, I indeed got it backwards. I stand corrected.
  9. In addition to what Hubert has said, I would recommend disabling the Quick Logic feature if the game seems to take too long with it's AI turns. I found through my own testing experiences during the early turns this can help significantly, then reenabling it later in the game after both sides have probably lost many units. Has anyone else out there already tried this during the later years?
  10. I think you might want to stick with a strickly neutral (zero) setting to start with. This game is more challenging in ways the previous ones were not (at least not as much) in many different aspects of the game, so that would be my suggestion.
  11. MW, XW and I cannot give you an exact date due to the fact we are not authorized to. All we can tell you is it's likely to be very, very soon. :cool:
  12. You're right about that, it's been a very active winter so far, and seems more on the way before this one's over and done with. You've missed quite a bit up here (of course, the snow lovers...like me...aren't minding it at all!). :cool:
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