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  1. The two games are different in style, the comparison means little; the only thing in common are the 3d figures. AP is more platoon\company oriented in order management with a good part of game played in the 2d map. CM is more on the direct control of single units and platoon.
  2. Metacritic is a devil tool Perhaps you read of Creative assembly declaration about how they do the game for have 90% on Metacritic. So they create the game on for like to a few of professional reviewers who will play for few hours the game
  3. Yes mitraglia corresponds to french mitraille and to english canister.
  4. My pleasure; the exact translation tells the ammunition type was introduced starting from the 1936; the ammunition withdrawns from the 1935 was the canister type (mitraglia). Probably the translator merge the lines. Effetto pronto was not thought as a Hesh but at the end it worked like a HESH, because the distance reduced his efficiency, thing not possible for a true HEAT. The trigger of ammunition was in the back like in a AP warhead but with the form of a HEAT, so the explosion was caused after the full pressure of warhead over the hull (which having the form of a HEAT cannot penetrate), a true heat will create the explosion jet before the warhead was completly pressed, creating a single point of fusion in the hull. The confusion is from the form of EP, extenally like a HEAT but inside like a AP. In reality also EPS are not fully HEAT because at the model 42 was considered a full HEAT. I don't know what this the difference between EPS and EPSmod42, perhaps a improvement in the design and warhead.
  5. The "granata perforante" in the list is armour piercing; the 65mm was sufficient for stop 1940/41 english tanks a part the Matildas; it had less velocity than the 47/32 but the is heavier and with bigger expl.charge. The Effetto Pronto (HESH) and Effetto pronto speciale (HEAT) for the 47/32 start to be used late, so it was a necessity continue to use the 65mm
  6. video yesterday test: stress test in multi with units for 8 players
  7. Don't forget that in Sicily the italian divisions was mainly coastal defence divisions of very very low quality. The bulk of trained divisions was lost in Africa and almost complety destroyed in Russia. Only Livorno,Napoli,Aosta and Assietta divisions was combat divisions, but they never see combat during the war just to Sicily invasions.
  8. Well on TW center last time I try to promote real warfare 2 northern crusades in other games section I received a series of PM from the moderator TB666: " Do not make another thread about this game, you got 1 thread and that's it. At the moment you are starting to look like a advertisment account. Make another thread about this game or another game from this development team and I will consider it advertisment and you will be infracted for it. " " What did I tell you about advertisement ? I know you come from that site that you just posted and that you have in the past suggested that people should go there(which is odd since it's all in italian). No more links to that site and no more bumping or double or triple posts. Last chance. " " You have posted more then one post with this link. I also told you to stop double posting. There is a edit button, use it. If no one posts then no one cares. Bumping the thread will cause the thread to be locked. " PS: on TW center there are specific sections for single software house so the adv is done by them not by me. He lost time to edit my posts and the posts of users who reply in the thread and at the first occasion closed the thread because is open from much time. Considering I was not a professional spammer and my only objectives it was to inform about the game, the only explication is the TW center is a subsidiary of CA/Sega.
  9. Binary divisions was a fascists period change following Ethiopian war experience where three regiments divisions resulted too heavy. The idea itself was not bad, because the principle was to use two divisions in coordinate mode, leaving to army corps the duty of quaternary division, and increasing the support weapons for each division. The problems were: the italian industrial system was not so big to create and mantain the increased weapon request, at the 1940 the reorganization was still incompleted: the complete reorganization was foreseen for the 1943 like the full equipment change after the losses of spanish and ethiopian war which consumed the bigger part of war ministery resources for new equipment. More than this respect Germany situation, the fascist regime was slave of industrial complex and not the contrary, Mussolini fear more the Agnelli than the allied (being a regime based on consensus the possibility of strykes is considered with terrors). NO industrial mobilization was declared, no standardization was considered, you can see the planes: the country with less industrial capability produced more planes model than any other. Simply the regime don't force a single model to vary industry houses.
  10. Some time ago I did a analysis about how work the QB: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=99482 I think the main problem is that the parameter "type" doesn't work properly and the system has a incremental logic: it take the platoon and if has still "money" take the company of same platoon, so you risk to have a fill tank company ad place of a tank platoon+ a infantry platoon + mech platoon
  11. Multiplayer test did yesterday with Tartari
  12. How about to do some multiplayer test this week-end; saturday I have time; i have created a steam group for see online easily the other players: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WFG-TOWonl I suggest to use tunngle for play: http://www.tunngle.net/ is easier to set and work better than hamachi, and avoid problem of NAT, router and similia
  13. According to Guicciardini, this was the reply Trivulzio gave to King Louis XII of France when this last asked what was necessary for make a war. I think a first step (I don't know how easy is) could be improve the auto QB; if my analysis of some time ago is correct ( http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=99482 ) a good step could be limit the automatic choice to platoon level without take full company also if the battle point are sufficient for take it, this will force the system to take more mixed troops.
  14. Superfly i amaze you don't know: for make war you need three things: money, money and again money! (for who don't know it is a famous phrase of renaissance's condottiero Gian Giacomo Trivulzio) Like all the wargames CMx2 is not sure a low cost games nor a mass game: I suppose Battlefront know how many boxes can sold of game and how much the expenses are for determine the unitary price. I'm not unhappy about the prices of CM series (of course I would be happy if they cost less, because i'm not stupid ), I assumed they are not low cost products and pay the upgrade for old versions is not a bad thing as far the upgrade contains a good number of real improvements. The only thing I don't like is see the CMSF1 not upgraded for the technical reasons, because i think it has still much potential: also without change the game himself I think a external tool which permits to generate QB scenari with manual choice like in BN it will give a big impulse to multiplayer of game.
  15. Yes the semovente is a designed for direct shoots, is similar to Nashorn as idea. The 90 mm has similar values to 88 mm as perforation with AP and HEAT. Also the Semovente 75/18 when use HEAT shoot can destroy Sherman tanks
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