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  1. 152mmDumbRocket

    DropTeam - Abandonvare?

    As I just said elsewhere, the part of TBG that made games left TBG with Clay Fowler, and Stan Marks has not been able to get a hold of him. So Battlefront would have to contact Clay, and that could be hard.
  2. 152mmDumbRocket

    DropTeam - what can you tell me?

    Sorry for forgetting to update this topic, but here it is: Stan Marks and Clay Fowler no longer work together, the part of TBG that made games went when Clay left, and Stan has a hard time getting hold of Clay. In short, DropTeam is dead.
  3. 152mmDumbRocket

    PC Sales Tanking

    I don't think so. That finding covers prebuilts from OEMs, not retail parts that high end system builders and self-builders use.
  4. 152mmDumbRocket

    DropTeam - what can you tell me?

    DropTeam is gone, though its developer TBG is still around: http://tbgsoftware.com/index.html I wish DropTeam could be resurrected. Edit: TBG's Captcha form is broken, so if you want to contact TBG, here's their email address from the BBB: smarks@tbgsoftware.com
  5. 152mmDumbRocket

    Where to aquire?

    I don't know where you can buy it. However, the developer TBG Software is still around. Here's where you can contact them to see if they can help: http://tbgsoftware.com/contact.html
  6. 152mmDumbRocket

    Where can I buy this game?

    According to MobyGames, DropTeam was made by TBG Software. I've hunted them down, Stan Marks co-founded TBG with Clay Fowler: http://tbgsoftware.com/index.html Poesel, I've sent you a PM.
  7. 152mmDumbRocket

    Where can I buy this game?

    I still have my copy, sadly it doesn't work with OS X 10.9.5. I really wish there could be a DropTeam 2.
  8. 152mmDumbRocket

    Is Dropteam Dead?

    Please, bring DropTeam back. Please. :(
  9. 152mmDumbRocket

    Pizza, Gamers & Health

    Lots and lots of agendamonering for "natural". Would not cite.
  10. 152mmDumbRocket

    Valve Flagrantly Violates Sherman Antitrust Act

    It's not optional when Steam holds ~80% of PC gaming marketshare. I believe the restriction applies to those who use Steam, and as I said, that's not optional anymore. The gamers voted with their wallets and said they wanted a monopoly. Look what it's gotten you. It's gotten the Order of War: Challenge multiplayer community raped by Valve. And the tech press covered it up, ensuring that it only broke in Forbes and only received 1 report by a tech press member months later.
  11. 152mmDumbRocket

    Valve Flagrantly Violates Sherman Antitrust Act

    Here's what's going on. Valve released a new Early Access policy recently. It is in response to price gouging by scam websites. But instead of restricting maximum prices of early access on other websites, they prohibit anyone selling early access games for lower than Steam.
  12. 152mmDumbRocket

    Favorite WWII movie or movies

    Kelly's Heroes. "Woof woof!" + Donald Sutherland + Clint Eastwood + Telly Savalas = win.
  13. http://alienbabeltech.com/abt/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=33165 I discuss the violation in full here. Ignore the ignoramuses who can’t understand the kindergarten math that if someone sells for less than Steam, then Steam is selling higher and running afoul of Valve’s new policy. Here are the guidelines for antitrust reporting: http://www.justice.gov/atr/contact/newcase.html
  14. 152mmDumbRocket

    Today in History

    14 October 1944 Field Marshall Erwin Rommel took poison to save his family and staff from the vengeance of Hitler. Enjoy this tribute to him:
  15. 152mmDumbRocket

    Combat Mission and Steam

    I have a feeling the equation doesn't give much weight to sales.