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  1. At what time do the atiogl.dll problems manifest themselves? I ask because I'm running Win 7 X64 with Asus EAH 5870ms using the hotfix for ATI Catalyst 10.2. Have CMSF, USMC, & Brit modules installed licensed & patched to 1.2.1. No 3rd party modules yet. I can start the Training Campaign, load the troops into the Strykers, and start them moving from phase line to phase line. When they came to the next to final phase line, I quit. Shouldn't the ATI OpenGl errors have shown their buggy little faces upon entering the 3D portion of the game? Or do they typically appear later once you h
  2. If it will make you feel better, I guess you could count the colorful front and back covers with their blank interior backs as another four pages bring the total page count to twenty, but I think that's stretching it. Boy, did they hook me with the news that there would only be one run of the physical game copy with a printed manual. Little did I know how little those words would mean upon first laying eyes on the liliputian sized manual. But I pre-ordered and I really can't complain. I've had the full manual of 93 pages for several days to read after I printed it. And it is feature complet
  3. I guess after the online manual and the version contained in the 1.2.4 patch, I was expecting a more substantial manual than I received in my physical shipment. It consists of sixteen 4 X 7.5 inch pages. Of the 16 pages, three are blank and entitled "Notes". A further one and half pages are devoted to credits. Technical support takes a third of a page. All it tells one is if one experiences problems, run DxDiag and email the file to support@1cpublishing.eu. The remaining two thirds of a page are dedicated to web addresses for Battlefront.com and these forums as well as acknowledging twice that
  4. Is TBGSoftware dead? Dropteam, also? The TBG Software web site (www.tbgsoftware.com) seems to have been taken over by a third party. When I try to register Dropteam, I'm told there is a problem with my firewall or proxy server allowing access to port 9961 @ tbgsoftware.com. But whether I open TCP port in my firewall or turn it off completely, I get the same error. Does this also mean that I'm no longer able to update Dropteam? The version I have is 1.3.0, but I seem to recall that the final version was 1.3.3. I have no updater folder in my installation so I'm clueless how to update it.
  5. It used to be that I mounted trops during setup by: 1) Selecting unit 2) Issuing it a move order 3) Placing the pentagon shaped icon (arrow point down) and left clicking on the carrier vehicle. Then the unit would automatically load, Post 1.07, (Yakima Campaign), I follow the same procedure, but instead of the troops mounting the vehicle, I get a blue line indicating movement to the vehicle area, but not mounting in setup. Am I doing something wrong or is this new behaviour working "as designed"? Thanks!
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