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  1. I was also hit two weeks ago. Thanks CG for starting the thread, and thanks Steve for the info.
  2. Fizou

    CMSF2 v2.01 Released!

    Ahh that was it. Thanks!
  3. Fizou

    CMSF2 v2.01 Released!

    I applied the patch but the game still says v2.00. Anyone else get this? Any Idea what I might have done wrong?
  4. Amazing stuff, cant wait to try it out! Thanks!
  5. Wow.. it just got even better! Where were you able to find that information? The samples look amazing.
  6. Im a big fan of your portraits mods, the insignia of individual units really adds to the immersion for me. These new ones really blows everything else away! A must have mod.
  7. Fizou

    Ost Front Books

  8. Fizou

    Ost Front Books

    Anyone that can recommend the Stalingrad Battle Atlas series by Anton Joly?
  9. Fizou

    History accuracy

    Great videos, thanks for posting!
  10. Thanks for checking. I left a turn based single player scenario running on my computer just now, only played a few turns then let it sit for a few hours, and came back to a CTD. Never seen this before either. Really sucks to see my favorite game stop working, especially with so much new stuff just around the corner. 😭 GTX 780M, driver 398.36, Win 10 version 1803, OS version 17134.112. Shaders on. Whats the mouse input part? Whether the mouse is moved/used on during the test?
  11. Looks like this might be whats happening to me: i.e. new Geforce drivers not compatible, and to revert I also have to downgrade my win 10 installation.
  12. I made a test last night. Started a scenario thats 1 hour 50 minutes in real time. Went to bed. When I woke up, checked the computer and sure enough the game had CTD.
  13. Im guessing this is what has been happening to me as well:
  14. I tried that but didn't work for me. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, file size is the same for both of us. Thanks for checking Ian.
  15. I agree about the file size but to the best of my memory the size have been increasing in my previous games also. Hitting a maximum then staying there or maybe they get reduced a bit closer to the end. Would be great if someone else with a lot of PBEM experience could comment on that. A lot of units have moved over the bridges, but in the given turn they have already passed so no current movement on any bridges. I understand the frustration of creating something that does not work all the way to the end, but most likely this is a one in a million situation. Just wish we knew what caused it. Looking forward to that new bigger project, would love to try it out once its ready
  16. Guess it has always gone so smoothly I never really thought about it before. The save files have been increasing from the beginning. File 60 is 90MB and file 102 is 120MB (I have seen this big save files before). I have contacted helpdesk and sent the file to them. Hope it can help for the future. The CTD occurs at about 50% and sometimes around 70%. Thanks again for your aid.. this really is the best community, for content and for friendly and helpful members. I really enjoyed the scenario and think we were not to fare from a cease fire. Im pretty sure my German opponent would take Sevenig town, he was well on his way with only scattered Infantry resistance left. His assault was slowing down in general as the US artillery took its toll (I got good use of the TRPs). Most panthers still active though with only one Hell cat left. Well end it as a draw, looking forward to the next battle.
  17. Thanks for making it and sharing. Really appreciate the tips for a possible resolution. Not more combat or movement than the other turns, if anything we are running out of units because of the carnage! I have tried removing mods, lowering graphics, going back and redoing turns. I have sent the file for others to try with the same CTD result. Neither of us have seen anything like this before. I just tried to load my oppos files and one thing struck me, Im not sure if Im just ignorant but I thought there is always a bar computing the next turn for both parties in a PBEM? Running his turn and hitting the red button send me direct to save the PBEM to outgoing email. Is that as it should?
  18. @rocketman Great map and great game, unfortunately I and my oppo get a CTD at file 102 when I try to compute the next turn. Anyone that has finished the game?
  19. Hi! Thanks for trying to load and compute the file. Do you have dropbox? An email that I can invite to share the file? Its about 120 MB in size.




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    2. Fizou


      https://www.dropbox.com/s/fm6icd71d6l2id5/Rittersprung (H2H only) 102.ema?dl=0

      The password is: gold

      The file loads alright but the computing of the next turn gives me a CTD. Thanks for trying it, really appreciate it.



    3. banned


      Gives me also a ctd, try to contact support perhaps they can fix the savefile

    4. Fizou


      Thanks for checking, appreciate it! 

  20. Im well into a big PBEM game in CMFB with my regular opponent (file 102), when I end the latest turn and the real time action starts to compute I get a CTD after the bar hits 70 percent or so. I have never experienced this before. The files are quite large, around 50 mb, but I could dropbox it if some tester would like to have a go with it. Really hope it can be resolved.
  21. Fizou

    CMFB CTD when computing turn

    Thanks, I will PM you.
  22. Fizou

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Much CM goodness coming our way! Great news indeed Steve, any chance of seeing ppsh mixed in for German troops and panzer fausts captured for the Soviets?
  23. Thanks for the link! I got my copy a couple days ago, from Swedish book retailer Bokus for 40 US. But indeed, most retailers stil only list it as preorder.