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  1. Mike, I challenge you to let one thread with the word IDF in its title go by without a negative comment As to who foots the bill, it's more complicated than that. The US gives Israel around $3B a year in military aid. The majority of it has to be spent on US-produced goods, hence we were issued uniforms that were made in Texas rather than in Israel, while the Israeli factory that used to make uniforms was shut down. So I doubt that at an accounting level, these APCs were funded by US money. However, that money of course frees up other money from Israel's own contribution to its military budget, so you're not all wrong there. At the end of the day, the US gives military aid for its own strategic and political purposes and if you disagree with those purposes you should vote for someone who disagrees too Cheers
  2. BD, how does the T50 threaten the F22 exactly? If anything having a stealth AC increases your offensive capability, not your defensive. Besides, if the US needs to worry at all it is only about Russia. While Russian AC are quite good, they never seemed to perform well in the hands of their old client nation-states. At the end of the day, it is more about skill and training than about the AC. As to the 8-1 for F22 vs F15/16, I would imagine the F22 is flown by, on average, the best fighter pilots in the USAF, which allows its tech advantage to come into play. The Syrian AF, on the other hand, barely flies any training flights nowadays, what the hell would they do with a sophisticated stealth AC? Have it shot down by the Israelis?
  3. Given that Syria nearly invaded Jordan in the 70s and that the US just sold a whole bunch of Javelins to the Jordanians, AND that they use humvees, they'd be way more blue than red. Maybe they could be played by Marines
  4. What about Javelins??? Can there be an option to keep them in? Please???
  5. I know nothing about this first hand of course, but I'd say there's a hint in the name, i.e. DRIVER'S rear view camera
  6. Why is this so hard to understand? Syrians can't split squads just like an M1A1 can't fly. It's simply not done. The syrian army, especially the regular army is a very different beast to anything someone from the West thinks about. When I was in the IDF, my battalion used to rotate into the Golan Heights, and the recon elements used to monitor Syrian positions on the other side using long-range optics. One of the things I heard from them that illustrates this point, is that the officers used to regularly beat enlisted men, one only assumes it was as punishment for this or that refraction. Sure, it would be great if the squad leader could send one guy to look round the corner, I'm sure that is realistic. But splitting squads allows you to do so much more and I for one think it is realistically not allowed for regular Syrians.
  7. What's your point? Of course the USSR won the war, but the Tiger was still superior to the T34 at range, was it not? Would the fighting not have been easier for the Soviets if the T34 WAS able to penetrate the frontal armour of the Tiger at range?
  8. Combat Mission: The Sideshow Hey, it would sell well in Russia with that title
  9. Ali-Baba, the nukes aren't there to save the day, they are there to end the day But on a more serious note, Israel did alright even before the US started supporting it in the late 60s, it's per-capita income is far higher than any of its neighbours, it's economic base is light industry and knowledge skills as opposed to natural resources and labour intensive industries. I believe Israel would still be the strongest regional power even without the $3,000,000,000 annual US contribution (not to belittle that contribution). Political support is another thing, but then it is in the West's interest that Israel continues to exist, so that's not likely to change unless the West really declines. But then if it does, who cares about political support, it's only the West that even considers intervening in anyone else's business a-la Kosovo. Can't really see China or Russia invading Israel because the UN security council passed a resolution condemning it for killing Palestinians, they couldn't care less.
  10. Vark, Intent is all well and good, but over time and repeated civilian deaths, you can forgive those who might lose the distinction. The thousands of Afghani "collateral damage" victims care naught about the lack of intent on the part of the US to kill them. As to the IDF operation in Gaza, at some point indifference is a shade of intent, do you not agree? When one drinks and drives we do not charge them with murder when they kill someone on the road, but they are definitely more guilty than a sober driver. As Emerson said "What you do speaks so loud, I cannot hear what you say." (a very timely google homepage quote of the day, lest anyone think I am really that erudite )
  11. Well, you could say it already does. Reinforcements can simulate air assaulting troops, while close air support from choppers simulates, well, close air support from choppers. As to actually having choppers seen in game, flying in and possibly being shot down, that's a no, and BFC have said they will not support it. For good reason, IMHO, as it is really no limitation on the sort of scenarios you can simulate and the coding time could be spent elsewhere more usefully.
  12. Smaragdadler, you are correct. The story of the Khazars is well known to me, and in the past 60 years, Jews were brought to Israel from Ethiopia and Yemen. I meant this in a more general sense looking back over 3000 years. The period you are talking about is relatively short and is an exception to the fact that Judaism is in general a non proselytising religion, as opposed to Christianity and Islam which could be said are based on converting others. Also, bear in mind that being the largest monotheistic religion doesn't mean much given that Islam didn't exist and Christianity was in its infancy
  13. Because due to their religion, they neither proselytised nor assimilated, so neither grew nor disappeared, instead remaining a visible, somewhat aloof minority. It didn't help of course that Christianity evolved from Judaism and that the Jews had at least some part in Jesus' killing by the Romans, nor did it help that for centuries Christians weren't allowed to lend money (at least not with interest), which you can imagine made Jewish money lenders very popular Hey, some people, even in this forum, have used the phrase "Jew Bankers" in the past
  14. Lethaface, Bolteg, I have to disagree with the whole "civilised" vs "uncivilised/primitive" angle, when it comes to the West vs Arabs in general or Israel vs Palestinians in particular. It is a real bugbear of mine. I have first hand knowledge of how Palestinians (and Israeli Arabs) live, from my time in the IDF and from previously living in Israel for many years. Arabs live in very family oriented society in which loyalty is first to one's family, then to one's immediate neighbourhood and only later to the more abstract structures such as nation, government etc. We see that as primitive but that is the core strength of their society. For example, rarely will an Arab family go hungry unless everyone else around them is hungry too (as in Gaza for the past 3 years). Contrast this with Western urban society. As to the supposed "barbarism" of their fighting ways, i.e. suicide bombings, targeting civilians, not letting the red cross access prisoners (e.g. Gilad Shalit). It all looks good at first glance. But then you need to remember that a. they have not the means to target the military in any effective manner, b. the war to them is far more total than it is for the average Israeli (and of course, the average American/European), c. with all its "civilisation", the West has killed far more civilians than the Arabs have (in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) Israel killed (not purposefully, as some here like to claim, but rather mostly through indifference) more Palestinian civilians in one month during "Cast Lead" than the Palestinians did since suicide bombings commenced circa 1992. Is that more civilised than a guy blowing himself up in a bus? At face value, yes, but if you really think about it, it is only more clinical to kill with artillery or bombs, but not one bit more civilised.
  15. He he, nice one Yankee Dog. You know, HOI3 has the option to use nuclear weapons. I would be interested to know what PC attachment you'd have for that, perhaps something that attaches to your microwave as well?
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