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  1. My question is what happened to the German Navy?
  2. Think it should be a gentlmans agreement at the start of the game. Alittle gamey if ya ask me.
  3. My past experience is let the D/L go where it wants to, it should read it to the other one.
  4. Should we be patched to 1.06 before hand or does it mater??
  5. There should be a between class. Admiral Sheer, Graf Spee etc out gunned CA's but not BB's In WWI it was speed rather than armour that set them appart.
  6. you like that, you going to love this............. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_submarine_Surcouf_(N_N_3)
  7. Mirror meaning 2 games, 1 as allied 1 as axis? Sure, up for that. mgervais at hfx . eastlink . ca
  8. OK, back after a break from here. Got WW1 game and am loving the 1939 Storm over Europe. Anyone want a match?
  9. I had about 6 corps left after that seesaw battle in the east and a army and tank group after archangel. What hurt me the most was your use to atg assets vs. my armour, I should have kept them back.
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