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  1. Rebellion and divorce ahead, I fear. Disclaimer: A snipe against history, not your family.
  2. Australia still has some taxi drivers that can trace back their origins to the first convict deported there? Doesn't work that way in New York City, Stocholm or Helsinki. Dunno about more remote parts of this country, within the wilderness or so.
  3. Terrorists are so yesterday. British and German persons exhibiting their inner desires as tourists, oh dear... Brits alone cause more financial damage in a year than all of the World's terrorists combined in hundred years.
  4. Being upside down could have serious implications as well, obviously a fighter could do it, but are transport planes suitable for antipodean traffic?
  5. Manipulating smaller constituents of matter is not a small feat. It's all connected! To get in grips with the small, is about the same as get into the very big. Well, mostly. What one is about to do with a concept like scale invariance? I, for one, would appreciate a machine that would turn water into wine and would not make funny out of the creators of such thing.
  6. Stable cratons can be be found from eastern parts of Fennoscandia, but the people there are way too inherently stupid, sometimes obnoxious and always boring. Even sheep shagging goes as an intellectual option for that experience. So it's not that bad.
  7. Good game, even if there was an impostor under the banners of Stalins Organist! Obviously he was not our moderately gifted Kiwi, but some Arctic Igloo Penguin or worse. New round before Xmas! The game could benefit from some additional players, to counterbalance the Evil Elmar's devilish all-around domination.
  8. What comes to the remote islands and movie sets, supervision and tutelage of the United Nations is often the best solution instead of ending dependency's statehood altogether.
  9. Very good. Or even "some Island", and "that other island", near Perth?
  10. Perhaps, perhaps not. Back to the way more interesting questions like how should we call Kiwiland after annexation? My proposal: All Australian Remote Ocean Territory, A.A.R.O.T (formerly known as New Zealand, Middle Earth and/or Mordor)
  11. And many countries are getting rid of the use of hydrocarbons in the foreseeable future, including Sweden. Too late, too little?
  12. It's the other way around, Russian are coming here, in increasing numbers. Some parts of Finland are almost as filled with Russians as London City and Gulf States are. I, for one, welcome every Russian with steady finances to our small country. Or, how much positive impact these new immigrants will bring to our society, especially what comes to our national IQ. Natural Gas is not that important here, even if import energy from the cheapest sources available. You have a point though, we should learn how to behave, and generate more electricity into the common Nordic energy market. Which brings us back to the Kiwi. South and North Island Protectorate, or these two Islands put together to form a Common Kiwi Australian Territory? Options, so much options! During the transitory period, financial issues will become important as well, I'd guess, but surely the Australians can lend a hand to their compatriots in need?
  13. Finland has never been a part of Russia, silly bat. Grand Duchy of Finland was ruled by a shared Monarch and the Russians did indeed give the Swedish a sound beating, forcing them to become the most peace loving country after Micronesia. Say, how about if Maoris are given their lands back and Kiwis will resettle back to the Old Country? There's no business like sheep business!
  14. Sounds reasonable enough. We here in the North are proposing something similar, A renewed Finnish-Swedish Federation would probably serve the interests of both countries in the larger European ever closer union context. And in any case, HRH Madeleine must become Duchess of Finland in some capacity, that is not negotiable. She even seems to have personal problems that are often associated with the Finns, surely making her even more popular amongst her future subjects.
  15. About whom are you talking about, Tero? Promisingly, there's a growing popular movement inside SDP to get some mundane things back on the Agenda again. All likewise minded (and I am not one of them), act before it's too late.
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