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Strategy for Mission--13-"Le Ham" ?

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Would appreciate advice re good strategy/tactics to employ ??? Flanking advance up west side of map, Up east side of map, up both sides, up center or wide advance up map ? ------ I seem to have a weak force vis-a-vis Germans (131 men vs 176 respectively ?!) Am not knowledgeable re why this is so except maybe i lost too many men in the previous Missions of Chapter 3 Le Ham ? THIS GAME IS GREAT !!!!!!! Jim

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Depends on what you have left, but what I used when I played the battle was a "left hook" manuever. I bombarded what I felt were the most likely German positions with my initial artillery strikes & moved along the left side of the map until I got behind the German positions and then took them out from behind.

Plus, the reinforcements that came late in the battle made it MUCH easier to finish the battle than I expected.


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Yes, the left flank is definetly the way to go on this one. Smash the end of the enemy trench line with a pre-deployment barrage and put another one in the field in the furthest objective. Send at least a full company up your extreme left flank. Watch out for mines as you level with the enemys trenches. Once past the trenches its not really worth attacking them just keep going up the flank shooting anyone in the fields to your right. You can also send a force down the extreme right but once you've cleared the enemy trenches in front of you its not really worth pushing any further this side as you'll take huge casualties in the hedgerows. Probably only worth sending 2 platoons max down the right flank, everything else can go down the left. Once the stuarts turn up it gets easy but you won't have much time left. This is the final mission for the 2/325 Glider Inf so its not the end of the world if they get a bit chewed up

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