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New file at the Repository: Map (2011-10-14)

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It crashed on me after generating a battle in Korea during loading. Is this MP only?

However, I didn't have this map for Kursk, so worked nicely there. Thanks!

I don't know what I could think about crashes. As for me the map works well with Korea mission generator.

And you are right the map "kursk_mp_map_03_User" is based on additional multiplayer game map "kursk_mp_map_03" from TOW-2 Kursk'1943.

P.S. I understand why you game was crashed during loading. It seems that you need to copy folder Kursk_wood from "\\TOW2_Kursk1943\Maps\_SpeedTree\" to folder "\\ToWKorea\Maps\_SpeedTree\". Thanks for bug report.

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