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ToW3 WW2


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tpay attention to the fact that missions and campaigns are still to be done,.... I hope there'll be some missions creators to help me.

WW2 missions on Korea maps :confused:

Without Kursk-Caen statics (and speedtrees), it is not possible to make WW2 missions.

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no change

1-ToW3 WW2 Kursk (ToW2 Kursk + german units from Caen Addon)

1a-Kursk Maps

2-ToW3 WW2 Caen (british units from Caen addon)

2a- Normandy maps

3-ToW3 WW2 AFRIKA (all units from ToW2 Afrika & Centauro addon)

3a- Afrika maps

4- ToW3 WW2 TT

new units and data modification

5- TT Sound mod

6- ToW3 WW2 ToW1 (units from ToW1)

later, all these mods will be grouped in one single

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i'm uploading now the first part of my project:

ToW3 WW2 1 Kursk.rar 363.08 MB

ToW3 WW2 1 Kursk_maps.rar 386.23 MB

ToW3 WW2 1 Kursk-test-missions.rar 45.09 MB

It will take hours to upload...

I will send the link to some testers as soon as possible.

If someone else wants the download link, just drop me a mail !

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the big mods are uploaded now! It was very slow, so the all night was necessary! I have tested to download, it's rather fast!

Radmir/Oberleutnant, why are you sarcastic? As moder yourself you shoudn't make fun of me and at the contrary be understanding. I'm afraid that it would not be in my interest to send you the links, because if there's something wrong with my mods...again ! :) Don't you think ?

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No, Tartari! You do not understand me. This is not sarcasm at you, it's sarcasm at me. Because yesterday I had a problem with internet connection. The connection speed is constantly falling.Today is normal.:) And I'm waiting for links again. I have a lot of patience.

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