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"PlainJane"-v1.10-patch ruins my Game Version

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I recently bought the German version of Combat Mission Shock Force by Paradox Interactive. I bought and downloaded your v1.21-update, too, and licensing and patching up to v1.32 went fine.

Then I launched the game and realized that no Campaigns were playable because simply no Campaign appeared in the Campaign selection menu.

Deleting, unlicensing and reinstalling the game I checked it before and after every single patch. Thus, I found out that the “PlainJane”-v1.10-patch for the paradox version seems to ruin my game installation. I re-downloaded that patch-file from different sources but it is always the same 272 MB file and after patching my v1.0 game to v1.10, the game is always ruined: No Campaigns are selectable and there are only two Battles to play: “Following the Euphrates” and “Guarding the Far Flank”.

So what do I need to do to fix that v1.10-update and to get the proper v1.32version of the game?

You got me with your great Demo including the NATO module and perhaps I will buy some modules in the future – but first, I would like to run the base game properly and to complete those two Campaigns.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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did you down load the German version of Combat Mission Shock Force by Paradox Interactive patch version? dont forget this patch v1.31 Patch is for you if the following applies to you:

- you own Combat Mission Shock Force and have a running version updated to v1.21 or v1.30

Also did you start the game before installing the 1.31 patch to make sure it was working first?

The 1.32 patch needs to be installed into the directory containing CMSF 1.31 currently. Make sure to doublecheck of the right path is selected during the installation!

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I don't have a copy of the Paradox version to check out, so I don't know if the 'German language' version is standardized in some manner or if it is an unique distribution of the game. The Battlefront version has German as one of the language translations for it. This includes the interface and the original scenarios. Later modules, I don't believe, have had their scenarios/campaigns translated (so they will all appear in English-only).

The Battlefront version has different directories for the scenarios/campaigns for each language. It's possible that your 'German language' version has this too (though I don't really know for sure). So what may have happened with the 1.10 patch is that the files are getting called from a different directory than they were previously. I suspect, but don't know, that the files may still be within the CMSF folder, but within a different sub-folder.

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Reinstalling and patching again and looking at the directories I’ve found out that I may not change the language setting to "English". Otherwise, the campaigns and some scenarios disappear, as the according “Game files” folder is empty!

Furthermore, checking the Spanish directory “Archivos de juego” I found out that there are *two* campaigns – one “de entrenamiento” and one “TF Thunder”.

But in the German “Spieledateien” folder there is just *one* campaign: “TF Lightning”.

So where is the introductory campaign? And why the different names? :confused:

And why are almost all "Game Files" for the English version missing? I mean, in the options you can select "English" but then you cannot play any Campaign or scenario in that language?

Come on! It wasn’t even mentioned anywhere on the Battlefront-page or in Game Reviews! :mad:

I thought this game was a multi-language application and I bought it to play it in English. I really dislike bad translations into German, especially with translated military abbreviations. I just bought the German version as it was cheaper and shipped faster than if I tried to get a UK or US-version in Germany. And in the v1.21-patch-release-notes it read as if one could simply change the language with a single mouse click…

So where can I get all the English campaign, scenario and menu text data to play this game complete in English? :confused:

It would be great if there was a solution to that problem.

Sorry for my emotional outburst and thank you in advance! :)


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We don't control all of the things some of our distributors do. That is the case with Paradox, who are technically responsible for supporting their distribution of the game. However it would probably be pretty hard to get support from Paradox regarding CMSF since it is considered an 'end of life' product.

The Battlefront version of the 1.10 patch works fine as far as I'm aware regarding scenarios and campaigns existing in their proper directories for each language. Unfortunately you can't use that patch with the Paradox version.

What Windows version are you running ? If you're running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may want to run the 1.10 patch by right-clicking on it and selecting "Run as administrator". You may want to do this for running CMSF itself too. This avoids files being copied to the 'VirtualStore' directory of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

BEFORE installing the 1.10 patch open up the Windows Explorer file manager and see if you can find all of the missing scenarios in their respective folders. If you can find them all, then COPY them somewhere else and then apply the 1.10 patch. If for some reason the files are now gone after applying the 1.10 patch, you can then copy the files back to their respective directories and see if the game recognizes them.

To my knowledge the 'Yakima Training' campaign was not originally included by Paradox (forgotten for some reason). The 1.02/1.03 patch from Paradox supposedly restores this missing campaign. So you would have to install the base game, then the 1.02/1.03 patch, then the 1.10 and finally the 1.20 patch (if you only have the base game). After that, then you would install the 1.21 patch and activate the eLicense license key (which may still be activated if you did NOT unlicense it). After 1.21 then install 1.31 and then finally 1.32.

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