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An interesting thread on transferring large files (like save turn files)

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I know Dropbox is the most popular solution at the moment - and combined with the excellent H2H helper by Martin I suspect that is the defacto standard for the BFC community.

However, discussions on torrents, ftp, and the like in this thread that are making it sound quite simple. (e.g. with Filezilla and a little port forwarding you could have your opponent suck the file directly off your harddrive - no need to upload yourself. With torrent you have a pausable peer-to-peer copy system that most people already have installed.)

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Note that H2HH doesn't require you to use Dropbox: you can use it and just email or "sendthisfile" or whatever the files yourself; and at the other end of the spectrum it works equally well on a LAN with a shared file system, for WEGO LAN play, for example.

H2HH just puts the files where you tell it to :) A Dropbox shared folder happens to be the most convenient that anyone has found so far.

I'm not sure that "most people" have a torrent client installed - maybe they do these days? If so, I'm behind the times :) But filezilla, port-forwarding etc is not "simple".

I guess file sharing on the internet can't be simple, as Mr XKCD laments, because of issues like "who pays" and "security". Such is life...


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By comparison to what several of the guys in that thread are listing off (like assumptions people are using Linux... huh?) Filezilla is quite simple :)

Though I freely admit that they were making it *sound* simple. I know I set up Filezilla with little more than double-click setup.exe, punch in the ftp server and port I was told, and it worked perfectly from there...

However, if your average wargamer runs into any problems whatsoever, I think they'd soon come unstuck.

Port forwarding I thought was becoming fairly mainstream - although it may losing popularity again with the prevalence of match making services.

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