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Unhandled Exception

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When I attempted to begin playing CM (via the program list in the "Start" menu), I received an "Unhandled Exception" message. I tried re-installing the game, but recieved the message again. I even tried to start the game by clicking the icon on the CD. I again received the same message. Any ideas? Thanks.


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Any more details on the specifics of your error (address listed, etc.) ?

Do you see any CM related screens before you get your "unhandled exception" ? You may want to try disabling the QuickTime movie by pressing the Shift key after launching CM (but quickly after). Typically CM should skip playing the movie if it doesn't detect QuickTime on your system. However if you have a copy of QuickTime and it is corrupted somehow, then this kind of error could be generated.

If this doesn't do it, then we'll need more details on your system. You may want to play around with the Hardware Acceleration slider in Control Panel > System control panel > Peformance tab > Graphics button. By reducing this slider your are removing some of the video acceleration features in your video card (temporarily... of course) and forcing the CPU to do the work.

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