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Question: attack type in qb and map selection

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Does is matter if I preset 'probe', 'attack' or 'assault' in the editor when creating a QB map?

I once setup an QB attack, but the selected map was named 'probe...something'. Of course it's possible that the filenaming was just wrong, it wasn't important for me at that time, so I didn't checked...

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If your QB isn't an ME it'll select any map that's not an ME and fits your other parameters. Probe-Attack-Assaults can occur on the same maps, the setting just affects the points availabe, the balance of victory points between force destruction and VL control and whether the attacker gets any pre-battle intel.

If it is an ME it'll only pick from ME maps.

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Assault, Attack, Probe maps are really just definitions for purchase points and NOT relevant (necessarily) to a basic QB Attack/Defend style map. But here's the thing. If you make a QB Map with settings Attack/size/terrain style, the only time you will see it is when you specifically request an "Attack" mission. It will NOT show up automatically for Assault or Probe Missions. All you need do is set the map style to assault and rename it accordingly. Do the same for Probe.

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