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QB problems get worse...

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Att-Med-Town QB009.btt

I think that the setup zones may have got swapped around.

I'm not sure that this happened in version 1.0, but so far I haven't been able to play PBEM QB in 1.0.1 because of the setup and preview issues.

(v1.0.1 Mac)


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I've just checked in the editor and that map has the Germans set to defend the town.

Which side did you pick to play as defender, Xian?

I've no idea how the game copes with the concept that maps are designed for Axis this and Allied that, and yet a map can be picked, presumably almost randomly based vaguely on the attack / defend / terrain criteria.

Could it be you had the defender / attacker choice set to random? Is that what causes the 'switch' in these cases?

I for one have never seen it but I've only had a few practice games on QB maps.

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That does not necessarily look like a genuine 'swap zone' error then does it?

If the map is SET for German defence and you chose, as you did, a German attack then it could be the map should not have been chosen (although you probably wouldn't have know) OR the game is failing to transpose the force set-up zones to comply with your choice. But that would be a different matter from actually swapping zones in error

I'll try the same set-up on mine (but versus the AI).

Back in a mo.

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Ok, everything is clear now . . .

Xian, I believe you showed a picture of the preview map?

That is wrong and its zones are mis-labelled.

Otherwise the game sets-up entirely correctly with the Germans as attackers in the corner and the US as defender in the town area.

I don't know if the preview map would still be wrong if the Germans were to be chosen as defender.

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Okay, I still don't quite get it.

Are you saying that if I wanted the US as defenders then I shouldn't have chosen that particular map? How do I know which QB map I should choose then?

Interestingly, I just setup a QB against the AI with the same settings and map. It showed me the wrong preview (of the attacker as previously), but this time I was given a setup zone in the village and not at the map edge!

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