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  1. Even if I covered the gun barrel with slime and green stuff it wouldn't work? I actually touched a relic of a PAK 38 ATG at the weekend. I can assure you all that it would not be easy to spot, possibly even behind a slight dip in a short grazed field of grass!
  2. Thanks, interesting comments. Yes, I realised it wasn't such a bad position as one might have expected. Trouble is I've seen guns even behind bocage spotted in no time at all! Next time I'll look for bocage with tall grass/wheat behind it.
  3. So this ATG is 'hiding' in the middle of a wheat field and it's NOT been spotted and killed first shot?????!!!!! :eek:
  4. Thanks Umlaut Perhaps you are right, although I thought 'turn off all play aids' did the trick. There was an option to make roofs opaque, definitely.
  5. BTW: is there any way of turning off the transparency of occupied buildings - there was in CM1.
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