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  1. Well done Mr xWormwood I was playing in full screen mode. Switching that off immediately stopped the tick tock. Also, can't see any difference in the size of the map. Looks identical? Many thanks to all, who've tried to solve this. Good job.
  2. Thanks guys, but yes, the noise is till there, in time with the flashing unit active emblem.
  3. The unit active (national emblem) symbol flashes on and off until the unit is given orders or put to sleep. Accompanying the flashing emblem is a tick when the light is on and a tock when its off. It's not as loud as the general game sounds but it's there all the same. Anyone any ideas? I'm on v1.07
  4. New to the game and have one question, for now:- Which sound file must I delete to stop that annoying tick tock sound when the unit is active blinking light is on? Thanks
  5. All sorted now, thanks, Snake Eye. Well, I must say, that is a very special map indeed. There are some amazing touches here and there, and you must tell everyone how you did some of those things:- 1) sink the bridges in the turntable yard (to look like railway turntables) 2) bury buildings beneath terrain to make the entrances to tunnels 3) generally how you got such detailed destroyed bridges. The partially damaged town is an absolute gem. However, I still think (if it could be fitted in the grid) a little more 'clutter' or occlusion around the individual building plots woul
  6. Hi Snake Eye This looks like an impressive job. Only trouble is I can't play it. The scenario doesn't show up in the battle listing, although it does show up in the editor listing, but when I open it, it is a blank 'new' file with nothing on the map. Anyone any ideas what is wrong? I am patched to v 2.0, and have the base game plus CWF, and the btt file is in the 'Scenarios' folder.
  7. Sometimes less (objectives) is more as regards the AI behaviour, but if the objectives are diversified and increased for the human player then it can lead to choreographed behaviour resulting in linear advances or strict by rota assault on each objective. Personally, I prefer the scoring system to be based on a limited number of objectives which means capturing the 'Big One', the one that really matters, can be achieved by any approach, and by any means the player thinks fit his purpose. Likewise the defender is not hoodwinked into counterattacking every single tiny 'flag' on the map.
  8. Am I correct in thinking that it is currently possible only to have a WIN or LOSE (or end of campaign) choice at the end of each scenario within a campaign? In other words, just two choices for the next scenario. I realise, of course, that the 'WIN' level necessary for the 'optimum' branch (next scenario choice) could even be set as a defeat since any standard level of victory can be specified. So, I am asking, is it possible to set each level of victory, minor, tactical, major, etc, and their corresponding defeats, to a specific scenario? That would potentially give the designer a c
  9. As someone who does design scenarios I can say that I would not have the slightest objection to any player switching various AI plans on or off, editing the OOB or anything else they happen to feel like doing PROVIDING that it is done just for their own use, or for a HvH game with a pal. I wouldn't be too pleased if someone 're-published' this revision without asking permission or did so without acknowledgement as if it was all their own. I have usually used the 'random' deployment design feature since I like to play my own scenarios. It is simple enough to do this, especially now that w
  10. ** I think we know to expect spoilers in this thread by now! ** Incredibly I am playing this one for the first time - thanks for reminding me that I'd missed out this campaign so far. Well, a couple of comments. First mission - way too little time. Hardly any losses on either side, but I didn't reach the objectives so I 'lost'. Then comes the mined bridge mission:- First confusion was that I seemed to set-up in daylight, and where on earth does one hide the troops? There's one building to hide behind, hardly any reverse slopes of any significance, and a few overgrown fields. I
  11. The strategic assessment of the Ardennes region pre-war, was that it was bad tank country, and the fact of the matter is that that is TRUE! The reason Hitler succeeded in 1940 was because the Belgian defenders were Cavalry units and thin on the ground. Thus the Germans occupied the Ardennes very quickly and used it as a covered deployment / transit zone for their sudden concentrated thrusts across the Sambre and Meuse Rivers and thence into northern Belgium, the Channel coast and the Paris plain. In 1944 the Germans were assaulting an experienced enemy in appalling terrain, in shocking w
  12. Hello again File sent. It has AI for both sides if you cannot find an opponent. I've played it too many times so I'm out. Let me know how you get on.
  13. Hi Bisu I can send you one for testing if you like. About Battalion scale, armour and infantry, shallow valley, variable afforestation and bocage. Interesting lines of sight and objectives. PM me with your email and I can send a copy.
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