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should i buy this game

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I don’t know enough about computers to tell you yes or no, but I can give you some reference points. I have a:

Celeron 500Mhz processor

810 chipset (with integrated shared system video memory of 11MB)

No video card


Windows 98SE

I find CMBB performs well on this system.

However, I recently upgraded this computer from 64MB RAM to 256MB. Prior to that upgrade, even the smallest CMBB scenarios didn’t run well (difficulty scrolling, playback was anything but smooth, LONG pauses as the computer accessed the hard disk). Following the suggestions of the helpful folks from this forum, I upgraded to the most recent drivers (slight improvement to CMBB, but still unplayable), and then upgraded the RAM. The improvement in performance was well worth the $40. I’ve tried up to medium sized CMBB scenarios and found them to play smoothly (though I suspect that large ones may give me some trouble). The only suggestion that I haven’t implemented, though still considering, is installing a video card, which I’m told could yield even more improved performance, maybe even allowing large scenarios to perform well.

Hope that helps.


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I can't tell you how much improvement additional RAM made to all my games. I started with a 900Mhz processor, 20G HD, but only a 16Mb video card and 64Mb of RAM. CMBO ran ok, not great, but games like MOHAA and B-17, the Mighty 8th had framerates so low they were more like slide shows than games- actually B-17 was unplayable. It would play about 2 seconds of the game, freeze for about 10 seconds, play 2 seconds, freeze 10 over and over. I upgraded to 320Mb of RAM and a 32Mb vid card and the improvements have been astronomical.

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I had a 733 mhz cpu HP computer with 64 megs of RAM. CMBB ran just fine, but CMBO was hurky jerky. My solution was to upgrade to 512 Megs of RAM and CMBO runs great with graphics and sound at the max. The upgrade was only about 60 bucks and helped the computer speed in other areas also, e. g. graphics on the net, etc. Therefore, my recommendation is to get plenty of RAM while it's cheap.

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