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Like SuperTed below, I get Unhandled Exception error

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Are you able to play the game at all or did this error only occur once or twice ?

At what point were you in the game ? Did this happen immediately after loading CM or were you playing a scenario ? If you were playing a scenario was it a particular one that was causing the problem ? Was the crash during playback of a turn or during the turn "compiling" (i.e. - blue progress bar) ?

You may also want to mention what kind of hardware you have (i.e. - sound card and video card) and what OS you're running.

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seems to happen more in certain scenarios (battles) and i think it just happens DURING the moving of stuff after u made ur planning...i saw a post above relating to Quicktime...the first time i installed CM....while installing i did get a notice saying that a cab file didn't match something or other about media...i forget what it said exactly but it had something to do with the movies....also...i reinstalled CM and didn't get that message....but I never do get to see the movies at all....when does it play?...after u start CM?? I can play it no problem by running the 2clickin it in the CM directories...i'm not sure how this would cause an exception in the middle of a game tho....i'll post if it keeps up..thanks for the reply tho :P


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If you're playing the game then the Quicktime movie shouldn't be an issue (it plays when you launch CM - it ends with an explosion and then you're taken to the main CM window). The install process shouldn't care whether QuickTime is installed or not. The error you mention during installation is some sort of problem that the installer program has on a few user's machines (it may be a conflict with another program, etc.).

"Playback" is when you hit the "Go" button and you get the 1 minute of turn execution on the screen. Between each playback period is the process of issuing orders. Some users get lockups here when they select units and attempt to give orders to them. So you are saying that you are seeing your "unhandled exceptions" during playback of a turn ?

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Although I would think that CM wouldn't load if you didn't have a proper version of DirectX loaded... What version of DirectX are you using right now ? DirectX 6.1 should be the minimum. I'm not sure how much of a boost in features 7.0A has over 6.x, but you may want to try loading DirectX 7.0A if you haven't already.

Microsoft's DirectX 7.0A:


SuperTed said his particular "unhandled exception" was fixed by tinkering/reinstalling DirectX, so you might benefit from doing the same.

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I've found temporary relief from the exception error by going through many of the above steps, including RAM swapping, but the crash comes back eventually. But good luck!

I recently applied the Win2k Sp1 and thought that might do the trick but crashed at turn 7 of a fresh game. Incidentally, the only other app I've experienced this with is MS Encarta 2000. I've got a complete Watson log covering these crashes if anyone feels like doing some real detective work, but here's the basic gist (just a short extract!)from the most recent CM crash. Luckily I can just boot into Win98 to play CM on this machine, so it's no sweat, but it would be nice to find out what is making this happen.


Ralph D.

Here's the Watson extract:

Application exception occurred:

App: (pid=592)

When: 03/08/2000 @ 23:00:30.160

Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

*----> System Information <----*

Computer Name: xxxxxxxx

User Name: xxxxxx

Number of Processors: 1

Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 2 Stepping 1

Windows 2000 Version: 5.0

Current Build: 2195

Service Pack: 1

Current Type: Uniprocessor Free

Registered Organization:

Registered Owner: xxxxxxxxx

*----> Task List <----*

0 Idle.exe

8 System.exe

~snip~ ...

1164 RUNDLL32.exe

592 Combat Mission..exe

1088 taskmgr.exe

292 drwtsn32.exe

0 _Total.exe

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Hi all,

I get this 'unhandled exception' problem occassionally, too. The 'illegal operation' usually involves the CM.EXE file. I have to shut down and re-boot to clear it. I've been wondering if maybe there is some incompatibility with anti-virus software?


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