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New file at the Repository: A Bridge Too Close (2011-07-12)

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SPOILERS, I guess!

Ha! just replayed that second mission. The first time I almost got creamed. Lotsa casualties, one entire flank practically out of ammo, too.

Second time around, I used clever placement, used two platoons for hit and run tactics on the German flanks (move in, fire for a minute on running troops, bug out), and had alot of luck with that DD support. It was bang on where I needed it. Don't know what happened, but I got me a total victory with 30 minutes on he clock, suffering only a single wounded guy, from the ammo bearer team in the wooden shelter. My most glorious achievement yet. :)

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Thank you!

Thank you sir for the fun campaign. I enjoyed all the missions and # 2 is a nail biter for sure. Only comment I have is that # 3 had a lot of troops for the Allies and seemed more then really needed. But maybe this was just for my game. Thanks again!

Can you remember which version was it (when you downloadedit)? Because in the last version (1.2) I reduced the ally reinforcement in mission #3.

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