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Big matters on my nex computer

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Well, i have a notebook :


Pentium M740 1,73 GHZ

Geforce Go7300

1 Go memory

60 Go HD

So i can install CMBB and CMAK, i can launch the game in the first windows, scenar, campgain i can choose type and style of play, but when after the briefing i click the go button the game crash, i have a " blue window of the death".

Do you know an issue to this big bug, i have read the troubleshooting file and found no solution.

So if you have one, i'll be happy, after years of CM game this is hard time whitout .


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Ok i have retried so the full story is :

blue windows (1/2 sec), reboot , XP check of HD,

XP boot, when all connecting, error msg from XP.

error msg :

BCCode:1000008e BCP1:C0000005 BCP2:BFAC65F1

BCP3:B88DE8EC BCP4:00000000 OSver:5_1_2600

SP:2_0 Product:768_1

Hope is suffisant, if not , give me the path to find the available info and i'll post it.


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I have reinstalling DX and Nvidia drivers ( ver no newsdrivers on Nvidia site for Geforce Go7300)

I can't take a screenshot of the bluescreen with "printscreen", because the Notebook shutdown immediatly.

Do you have an tip for taking this shot, Redwolf ?

Thanks for the answer.


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I have tried this ,but the Nvidia driver don't support this videochips, and my videao was very bad, with lots of error msg.

On Nvidia site , they say mobile chipset or videocard was not supported by us but by the constructor, so for notebook no generic driver but only constructor driver.

The more important is CM run, and this is right.

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If you say "lots of error msg" without giving the error message ever again I'm going to slap you smile.gif

Anyway, so officially NVidia sends you to the notebook vendor. That doesn't change the fact that the vendors usually screw up more than they do good. For that reason there is an easy way to enable the generic NVidia drivers even on notebooks. Yes, they refuse to install by default. No, it's no problem to install them anyway. Which is the better option for most people.

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