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Equipment carry-over in campaigns

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Having just moved on from Razorback Ridge in the Courage and Fortitude campaign, where I had the opportunity to sit back and loot the ammo-pinatas that turned up with the reinforcements, I've noticed something unexpected. There were a couple of jeeps showed up with a dozen bazooka rounds and a bazooka (as well as the usual boxes of bullets), and I thought it would be a waste to leave the tubes behind, so I had squads with no bazooka acquire them. I'd learned in a previous scenario that having an AT team acquire a second tube just means the bazooka man has 2 tubes (don't know if they chuck their rifle at that point). There were so many bombs I could every existing AT team (apart from the one at the farm that was all out :-/ ) up to 5 or 6 rounds, and the same for the new bazooka teams. "Hooray," thought I.

Until I get to the next scenario. All the ammo I looted appears to be there, including the ATrockets, but not the launchers for those rockets. Is this meant to be? They're awkward bloody things to tote across country, sure, but if you're going to return them to stores, wouldn't you return the ammo too? It's not light, either.

While typing, I recall that I had an HQ secure a BAR off of a fallen soldier in "Bumper Cars". That's gone now, too.

I guess the moral of this story is: be careful of your stuff in Campaigns. If at all possible, have the right team or squad pick up dropped items that you want to keep.

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+1 to inventory management in Campaigns. Great idea.

But I also like the idea of being able to do field promotions and even awards between battles.

The way campaigns work, it could easily be that weeks or months have gone by between battles. So, increased experience, promotions and awards would be quite realistic.

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