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madmatt or scrullenhaft


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I haven't hooked up a GeForce4 to check out the settings, but I assume that 4X FSAA is the same as 4xS (S=sampling ?).

Which drivers are you using ? If you're using any of the 40.xx betas, then they have problems with FSAA. I'd suggest going back to the 30.82's. If you are running the 30.82's did you install them over a previous set of NVidia drivers ?

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I just installed a Geforce4 Ti4600 (for CM:BB) that has this feature. According to the "What's this?" help tooltip, 4xS is for Direct3D only (which CM:BB is) and is supposed to be an enhanced FSAA (better looking) that might be slower. I've been running the CM:BB demo with it on and it works fine (30.82 drivers). Haven't noticed a large difference between 4x and 4xS. No real speed change either but it might be a factor with larger scenarios.

Hope this helps.

Keith (still waiting in Cedar Rapids, IA)

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