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Graphics question (please answer)

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Is there a way I can set and lock my CM graphics at one resolution while desktop remains at another? I like the game to run in 1280x1024 but Windows in 1024x768.

Also, could someone with a good graphics card tell me night battles actual have a black shroud of some type on the battle field preventing you from seeing too far or does it just dim the field and limit LOS?

And, on my Viper 2, I cant get FOG even with the new driver. Cant adjust a fog table in D3D, only OpenGl. Is there a FOG table setting in DirectX? Where is it.


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It doesn't appear that you can run CM at a higher res than your desktop is set at. The only way to run it at the higher res is to change your desktop res. Apparently,the CL Anihilator 2 (GeForce 2) allows you to set shortcuts that will raise your desktop res when an application is run. I don't have CLA2 yet,but this sounds like an interesting feature.


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