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3d support for non 3dfx?


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I use a Geforce 2 card in my computer, but it dont seems like CMBO takes any advantage of that. When launching on a computer with 3dfx card i get a resolution question and i suppose it is usíng 3d hardware acceleration in the game. Are there any patch or driver needed for 3d hardware acceleration on nVidia based cards? or will it be?

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There are no patches needed to run an NVidia based video card with CM. However do not use the latest Detonator 3 drivers (v. 7.17) with CM since it appears that NVidia goofed-up with them and DirectX games suffer badly with them.

When you first launched CM you should have seen a black screen with some white/blue text telling you what the resolution and refresh rate were. If you hit the Enter key or clicked the "Select" button on the screen, then CM used this resolution and stored the info in the Combat Mission Bynd Ovr Prefs file (found in the root of the CM directory/folder). If you want to change resolutions you will need to delete this file and you will be prompted with the resolution selection screen again. To select another resolution you can click the "Next" button or let the screen sit for several seconds before it automatically swithes resolutions/refresh rates. The maximum resolution that will come up in this process will be your current desktop resolution (i.e. - if you're running at 1024 x 768 at 75Hz, then you won't see 1280 x 1024 and above, etc.).

If you're still having problems after this, then you will need to tell us more about your system (DirectX version, NVidia driver version, operating system, etc.).

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Thanks for your quick response! Indeed, the resolution screen came as you wrote.

I dont have any problems running CM but I would really like to have a smoother game since after moving around the battlefield for a while I become all dizzy. I saw this (macintosh voodoo) posting today:

"Voodoo3 on a 7500/g3 300 here. 1.1.2 works fine and looks soooo much better than unaccelerated.

Couple things:

-tracers/gunfire are pretty much invisible now, perhaps they were too visible in unacelerated.

-had some gents hiding behind a stone wall, when I upgraded, the stone wall disappeared!

-rubble does not show"

In this posting it seems like one could get improved graphics using voodoo and a specific driver.

Are there anything like this for the nVidia cards?

I am using: Celeron 707Mhz, GeForce2 Mx (Driver(original CD): Asus 7100 v5.30 RC), DirectX 7.x, Windows 98, 128 Mb ram.

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On the PC CM uses DirectX as its graphical API. It doesn't utilize 3dfx's GLIDE or OpenGL. All 3D acceleration will be Direct3D. NVidia GeForces should generally provide better acceleration than Voodoo-based cards. The Voodoo 5500 may have a better (in terms of visual quality - very subjective) quality Full Screen Anti Aliasing (FSAA) than the GeForce line.

Unless you've disabled something in DirectX or your video driver, you're probably already running CM with 3D acceleration. The graphical quality and speed are very noticeably reduced if you're running under software rendering. Lower quality bitmaps and slowering rendering of the screen will be quite noticeable. The Mac user was quoting the difference between software rendering and the latest Voodoo driver being used with a V3 on the Mac (which may have had RAVE problems with CM previously and hence had to be run under software rendering).

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Ok, thanks alot. I never checked if D3D was actually running in CM (it did) before posting.. for some reason i thought this game was one of the modern 3d games that still lacks 3d acceleration. But it seems like the great graphics in CM just require better hardware to run smooth when flying over a detailed battlefield. smile.gif

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