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Activate Demo

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There is no activation code needed for the demo. If you are being asked for a code, then your demo installation is corrupt. Uninstall, and reinstall, see if that helps.

I did as you suggested and a window pops up saying I need an activation code to play the demo. This is beginning to become frustrating...:(

Does anyone know a web site where they downloaded the demo and got it working without a code, so I could try downloading the game again and doing another install. My last effort.....:(:(:(

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I have not played the game at all. So I should have one hour to play.

When I click on the Play Now button a window pops open saying "Your license must be recovered before you can use this application. Please contact your vendor for assistance. shutting down".

When I click on the OK button, another window opens saying, "A problem was detected with your license file. Would you like to recover now?" I click Yes.

The next window reads, "Please contact your vendor with the following Authorization Request Code and select Next. They will provide you with an Activation Code to enter into the following window".

Authorization Request Code (number given) B19E-436F-987A-E1C6

The last window that opens is one reading, "Please enter the Activation Code provided by your vendor"

Of course I don't have an Activation Code Which I assume is a code that would be given to me if I purchased the game on line.

I have not played even 1 second of the demo because from the first try I received the messages stated in this message.

Thanks for any help.

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I have had the exact same problem with the demo's.

When i say demo's I mean literally every source from the demo page.

All say that the licence is messed up and i need to give an activation code. It then says thanks for trying the demo please buy the game to keep playing.

I never buy a game I don't play the demo of (to make sure 1. I like it and 2. It works on my pc)

So any help concerning this matter would be most appreciated

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Hahahaha "run as admin!" That's what they all say... Of course I run everything as admin!

I am having trouble too.I can not run the full game.

I reinstalled the demo to see what happens and I am getting the same code errors as rusty.

I wonder if the same problem that is preventing me from running the full game is causing the demo to give this error.

" A problem was detected with your licence file. Would you like to recover now?"

The next window offers a code that I am supposed to give to the vendor.

The next window asks for the code the vendor has given back to me.

I have bought the game so I put my activation code in and it says the activation code is in wrong format. shutting down.

But remember this is just the demo giving this error. The full game gives nothing at all.

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