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600 x 800 error message

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Are you only offered 640x480 resolutions when you attempt to start CMBB ? Do they mention 'Software Mode' in the text ? Apparently neither of your cards is being detected for their 3D capabilities. Which drivers do you have installed for them ? What version of Windows and which DirectX version did you install ?

The Rage 3D Pros usually have 8Mb of RAM, but there might be some 16Mb configurations. The Voodoo 1 & 2 will have problems with loading CMBB. The 'scenario' screen will refuse to load and the game may crash to the desktop when you attempt to look at the list.

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When I start CMBB I am told nothing, its only after I get past the credits that I get this game requires minimum 800 x 600 display. Nothing else is said. Don't know what display setting it goes to.

Using Windows 98 and have latest directX 8.1

Driver for Rage Pro is ati2drae.drv release version: J5.30.1-BOS

Voodoo2 3D is dated 7-13-1998.

Rage pro is only 8mb. I haven't beeen able to get that far so don't know if it crashes yet.

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Do you have the Voodoo card wired up (external video cables, I believe) and enabled for DirectX support ?

Delete the CMBB Prefs file and the next time you launch CMBB it should go through the resolution selection process. Make note of what is actually mentioned on the screen. This will usually consist of the adapter that is being used (primary, secondary, possibly the name of the card, etc.), the resolution and the refresh rate. For some drivers there is no choice on the refresh rate, so only the resolution info is displayed (this usually means either the current desktop refresh rate is being used or 60Hz). If you're hardware isn't capable of performing 3D rendering for DirectX, then you'll also get text saying 'Software Mode'. And of course two buttons to 'skip' or 'select'.

If you're getting text saying 'Software Mode' then your cards aren't being recognized for their Direct3D hardware support. The only resolution supported for Software Mode is 640x480. While CMBB will offer this resolution and software rendering mode, it will quickly give you a message saying that you need 800x600. Thus if your drivers or hardware don't fully support Direct3D in hardware, you won't be able to run CMBB.

You have the latest ATI Rage Pro driver for Win98. It should be sufficient to run CMBB (though it doesn't support all of the graphical features like fog and transparency/alpha-blending). I believe that the Voodoo 2 might be faster, but as I mentioned above it has problems loading up the scenario screen and thus playing CMBB is a problem unless you're loading an email or TCP/IP game (both of which you can't initiate).

I believe that there are newer Voodoo drivers, but again none of them are completely working with CMBB right now. You can get a set at x3dfx (Drivers item at left and then look them up in the table) or at VoodooFiles (3dfx on left > 3dfx Original drivers > fourth page - 3.02.02 for Win9x/ME). Don't worry about the mention of just DirectX 7 support, the drivers should work with DirectX 8 alright. If you're using the Voodoo for certain games, then you may want to be careful about updating your driver since it could affect other games.

For now I'd suggest using the ATI Rage Pro as your 3D adapter. That means you'll need to turn off DirectX support for the Voodoo 2 (done from the 3dfx Tools control panel or some Voodoo control panel). Next you need to check out your ATI's 3D settings for DirectX by running the DirectX Diagnostic (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\DXDIAG). Go to the Display tab and note the three settings on the left. Two, possible three, of them will/should be enabled, especially 'Direct3D Acceleration'. Run the Direct3D test on the right and see if it passes. If it doesn't then you have a configuration problem with your drivers. I'm not sure what the solution to this would be. You may have to uninstall both the Voodoo and the Rage Pro drivers, remove the Voodoo 2 card and reinstall DirectX 8.1 and then reinstall the Rage Pro drivers (with several reboots in this process).

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