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I might be disappointed but could be wrong!!

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Having looked at the Video AAR's I have noticed that most of the buildings have a single ridge and two gable ends (It looks like a square with a triangle on top).

A long time ago I suggested that if another gable was put at right angles on the side then buildings could be joined together to make T shapes or L shapes and the roof lines would look natural.

Now I may be wrong and that is included in larger buildings or ones I haven't seen yet, but linked buildings and T and L shapes are very common even in small french villages so if it isn't in it's a pty.

Still their are more modules to come so maybe later.

If they are in and I just haven't seen them yet then I take full credit for such a brillant idea.....


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Agreed. Both a "T" and "L" angled roof would be very helpful. Also a flat roof for creating industrial buildings (no parapets).

But perhaps these additions are best bundled into a more MOUT-focused future module, along with various "Funnies", engineering weapons, flamethrowers, booby traps, etc.

(Arnhem, Cherbourg, Brest, Caen, Paris, Metz, Aachen, etc. etc.).

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