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  1. Just watched this summary; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8ec7Wohdt0 is it just me or is everything Chinese, more advanced modern and in better condition than Russia's? Peter.
  2. Saw a report last week that the Russian defence Ministry is claiming it has tested almost 200 new weapons or systems in SyriaD This week we saw pictures of two new SU-57's on the ground as well. Does anyone know of a list or anything substantive that gives an idea of what is on it? I did see reports of T-90's being deployed but the details are either for the T-90A ( which I would assume is the export T-90S) or the T-90SM ( which I think is the export T-90AM). On a second point this is the wiki entry on the T-90SM, (which looks like a translation cut and pasted); T-90MS – Also known as T-90SM is a new modernised (M) version of the export tank T-90S, with a 1130 hp engine, a PNM Sosna-U gunner view - system surpasses the world analogues, effective defeat of the target in any weather (in the movement itself and in the movement of the target),[78] a 7.62 mm turret UDP T05BV-1 RWS, GLONASS, inertial navigation systems, new explosive reactive armour(ERA) and steering wheel.[79][80][81] A new removable turret bustle is included, which provides storage for eight additional rounds. T-90MS is ready for serial production.[82] 4 video cameras of a circular view, full coverage of ERA Relikt (Area under the protection of Relikt ~twofold greater than Kontakt-5 of the T-90 A/S/M).[83] The management is united up to the division command. Wheel is used for steering.[84] Thermal imaging sight. The minimum range of night detection of a tank through a thermal imager 3300 meters[85] Tower rotation speed 45 degrees per second. Does the T-90AM in Black sea have the four video cameras and are there for commander observation or part of an APS system? Peter.
  3. Thought people might be interested but on the App Store you can now download a free App from the UK ordinance survey that gives you free detailed contour maps of the U.K. Including detailed building outlines. Not sure how to import them into CM but I am sure you can work that out. here's the link; https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/shop/os-maps-mobile.html Peter.
  4. Forgot to add the link; https://russiandefpolicy.blog/2017/08/06/an-ordinary-conflict/
  5. Found this site and thought this was an article that would interest people. tends to reinforce the view of those, like me, who think that behind the arrival of things like the T-14/15 there is more wrong than right. worth reading through other articles to. You might not agree with them but they do represent an alternative source of information. Peter.
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