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This problem sounds mildly familiar, but I can't find any instances where there was an answer to it on the forum. In these TCP/IP games do you know if you're the host or the client ? Which particular CM title is this or do you see it in all of them ?

You don't have any problems with missing text in the game do you ? I assume that you're familiar with some of the ATI issues with CM and their workarounds.

Does Alt-Tab'ing out and back into CM help or actually make things worse with this issue ?

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I assume that you're using the 5.10 drivers from ATI. Has this problem occured with other driver versions or is it fairly recent (I can't recall how far back in the 5.x or 4.x drivers you can go to support the X850 PE) ?

As I mentioned before, I've heard of this problem, but I can't recall any consistent solution for it. Have you tried running your desktop at 16-bit color ? More than likely that won't be a solution.

Do you recognize anything consistent with those times that the info panels do display in TCP/IP games such as anything that may or may not have run prior to launching CM, currently loaded programs, etc. ? Do you have any internet-related utilities running in the background (instant messaging clients, email, etc.) ?

When you mention "new BMPs" are you still using the default BMPs for the info bar or are you using some mods for them ? I have no idea if the default BMPs would be any better or not (I can't see exactly why they would be).

Is there a difference between your desktop resolution and refresh rate and what CM uses ? If there is, then I'd suggest trying to match them as closely as possible (i.e. - desktop and CM both running 1024 x 768 @ 85Hz vertical refresh, etc.). Usually such display issues would manifest themselves in standard solo/PBEM games, but it's possible that the TCP/IP component adds an additional issue that some videocards and drivers may see.

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