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Target arcs, spotting and shooting

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This came up in the AAR thread, and hasn't received any comment, probably because others aren't interested, possibly because its been answered before but I haven't found/noticed it.

Originally Posted by ClarkWGriswold
I just thought about this. All of your tanks are unbuttoned, but none of them saw the bazookas. Do they all have cover arcs outside of the bazooka teams' positions?

- its my understanding that covered arcs are not related to spotting in this sense. They only influence they have is by facing the observers towards a certain position, but they will spot outside the covered arc.

The danger of the covered arc is if something dangerous pops up outside of the arc. Then it is up to the AI to take evasive action.

This leads to a couple of questions that are vitally important to PBEM play:

1) Under what conditions, if any, will the AI of an AFV respond to spotted enemy outside the covered arc?

2) What actions can the AI take to threats outside the covered arc?

- and was it confirmed whether there would be separate AFV and infantry covered arcs?

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I'm only going on what I've noticed in CMSF but I'm pretty sure a unit can spot outside the arc, although their main focus will be on what's happening in the arc. If an enemy pops up outside the arc they wont shoot at it (which is why arcs are used for ambushing). If a vehicle is using an arc and a real threat pops up outside it I believe it will take evasive action.

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