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New Scenario - Looking for Playtesters

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I have a scenario that requires some playtesting... it is designed as a WEGO with the ability to play 'either vs AI' or H2H. Name is "Clear the Way" and is about US Reconnaissance Forces clearing a transportation route of rebels on a highway north of the town of Joubb Aabbas.

Size-Medium, 55 minutes - Dawn (early)


You can find it at the link below for my Combat Mission Site.

I appreciate any input... thanx

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ok i started by splitting the forces up 2 strykers with the HQ unit and scout platoon group#1 on highway A towards the rebel meeting place. and the other two way away past the less used road going towards town. group#2

I started with a heavy bombardment on the hill with anti personnel load, expending the entire payload. and at the same time approaching on foot after scooting the strykers up a bit before the wreckage group#1

I raced the strykers up to some concealed points and unloaded group#2 and had them creep forward.

the bombardment didn't kill the two bunkers on the hill but with my strykers moving forward slowly, they made short work of them.

both teams managed to pick off occasional targets of opportunity, a sniper here, a rpg man here, a truck there...

i stopped team#1 at site of wreckage on highway A to await re-enforcements.

Group#2 stopped on the outskirts of town, group 2 did lose a all but one of a scout team, and a stryker to enemy fire before gaining control of the area.

Reinforcements show up. I race the 4 strykers loaded with soldiers towards the Rebel hideout while setting up a smokescreen. I also made a daring rush through the smoke with a small group of 4 scouts, they managed to get in one of the outlying buildings of the hideout and surprise some snipers with a quick death. and the spare teams clear the highway.

the strykers unload under cover of smoke and the infantry quickly kill any rebel they spot. meanwhile group#2 continues to keep a wary eye, as more reinforcements on foot approach to take the city. i group all the available strykers for cover fire around the perimeter of the city and the foot infantry clear the buildings and secure the objectives.

this was fun and well made, though i think it could have been made more challenging... the IED may have been successful if i hadn't wasted the trigger man early on. maybe some vehicle based ied's? or just more enemy soldiers?

beautiful map, i look forward to more testing! :)

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Thank you for the comments/input toxic.zen

One of the things I have been working on is tweeks to 2 of the Red Team Plans. I found one is halfway decent but the other two are quite easy. I am also thinking of modifying the VPS's making it tougher on the Blue side. My goal is to create something that seems successful from the Blue side but based upon victory conditions (VPS) make it quite challanging.

Again thanks for the feedback, I am waiting on some more and then I will make some changes and post up version 2 for some tests....

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Just got done playtesting today and it was a fun little battle. I kept my 1st recon plt together and moved on toward the meeting spot. After cresting a ridge I saw the bunkers on the hille and killed them and the technical quickly with the strykers and used the 81mm mortars for the first (and last) time in the mission. I awaited reinforcements and moved the second recon plt to support the firsts attack on the meeting point and i took it quite easily as the redfor opened up briefly before being silenced by 2 platoons of strykers. At the same time, the LI plt moved up the less travelled road and set up positions on the treeline before moving up with the Abrams. Pushing up through the town I brought the 2nd recon plt on the left of the town across the open field and engaged the enemy from the flank. I took my first (and only casualty) running across into the buildings before the supply depot. The Syrians ended up surrendering before the assualt plt even arrived.

Overall I had alot of fun but I feel it was a bit too easy. The map was excellent and I enjoyed the Blue sides force with a few exceptions; 1: The assault platoon was a bit unnecessary in my opinion, 2: There were like 4 FOO/JTAC units on the map. That seems like too much considering the limited amount of support.

I found the VC for blue to be a bit too easy. It took almost nothing to "clear" the road and it was worth a hefty 200 pts. The weapons cache was a bit harder but the Syrians had surrendered before I even got there. (Well, there were only 5 enemy left so I don't blame them)

You could add an enemy counterattack from the hill to the meeting place, or even add a few more units further up from the objective.

This was a really fun scenario and I had a blast playing it. If it was a little more challenging it would be better, but I loved the theme/style of the mission. I hope my little spiel helps improve and if you come out with a updated version I'd love to playtest it again.

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Ok, I have placed an updated version of the scenario (Ver. 2) I have been working on the past couple days, including some modification suggested by the playtesters (AGAIN Thanx for your inputs) (goto website link below)...

I have tighten the vps for the blue and given the red more options at gaining points. Addtions to the red force and modified the 3 'Plans' they use. Subtracted from the blue force and delayed some of the reinforcement timetables. Also increased the abilities and ammo loads on some units on the red force.

I just finsihed a game where I played Blue vs AI in author mode and the battle seems to be a bit tougher from the Blue side and with tighter victory conditions you could come close to succeeding in the mission but could lose based upon loses...

Any additional feedback would be appreciated...

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Just started playing using the same tactics I used in the last playthrough in order to maintain consistency. I 'm starting my attack on the meeting place with just 1 recon plt and so far its been quite a bit harder. I've already had one close call with an RPG that hit the mk 19 of an unbuttoned stryker but luckily no one was injured. One bug I noticed is there is a clear the road pt 2 thats all the way on the bluefor side. I'll post more when I finish this playthrough.

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OK this time i played more cautiously (same approach plan though)

I ended up with a total victory again, but i did worse as far as casualties and vehicle loss went! the Hideout was a bloodbath, for my side and the enemies... and the approach to town cost me a lot in vehicles due to ied's and rpg's i never did get to occupy the weapons depot i simply won due to enemy surrendered. I think you did a good job of increasing the difficulty, though one thing i would suggest is give the red side a lot more points for causing casualties and destroying vehicles, and don't give the blue side the tank... once my Abrams showed up the red sided crapped themselves and threw up there arms! :P

still great fun! thankyou... :)

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Alright, sorry for the long delay, I've been busy as hell at work.

I stuck to my plan of attack I used in the first mission and it turned out much hader than in the first draft. The added RPG's really put my on my toes after two close calls with my strykers. Taking the meeting place was pretty easy, but are there red reinforcements that come into the building? I had a recon team occupying the building and after being in there for a few minutes 3 or 4 teams of insurgents just popped up out of nowhere. Luckily I only took one casualty but it just seemed really random. The assualt of the town went well but 2 strykers got hit by RPG's as they were supporting the attack on the town. They were both knocked out but with no casualties. A sniper on the big hill took out one of the Stryker gunners from the same platoon, severely reducing their combat efficiency. I managed to take the weapons cache this time before they surrendered after a fierce firefight. I ended up losing 2 Strykers, 2 KIA, and 4 WIA. Really fun little scenario, much more balanced this time around.

If you ever need any more playtesters for SF or BN just send me a PM, you seem to have a knack for fun little scenarios.

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Thanks Eagle2 for your feedback... I really appreciate it... The insurgents in the meeting place are to appear as if a tunnel/hiding area is within the building, kinda hard to reflect but it sounds like it worked... I now will incorporate all the feedback from all the fine playtesters and come up with a final version... Thank you...

BTW, I have almost completed a fictional scenario based upon the town of Zillah in Lybia where Lybian Army Troops try to extract armed rebel/protesters from the area... The rebels are supported via NATO Air Units... The NATO Module will be required to play... I will post pics of the map and put up files at the website below when it is ready... If you would like to playtest it, I would really appreciate it.... It is designed for Lybian vs AI or two player...

Thanks again :)

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