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How to move a PBEM game host to another computer


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I'm running a PBEM game from a laptop and would like to move that game from the original laptop to another computer. I tried moving the PBEM data file but that didn't seem to work.

Is there a process or is it not possible?

You need to move the PBEM file, any events in that same directory (there probably won't be any, but there might) and you need to move the save-game file. It will be called something like Domination80-Feb1-Server-P01.game. By the way, the PBEM file contains data for all your PBEM games. You aren't trying to move just one game to the new computer, and keep your other games on your old computer, are you?

As far as posting bugs: this is the correct forum area to do it. You can also send me a bug report via the in-game bug report tool. It doesn't matter to me either way.

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