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BTS, problems using higher resolutions

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Hi there

Ok, here is the problem:

I want to play the game in 1600x1200 instead of the regular 1280x1024 that I normally use. I delete the prefs file and fire up CM. It asks me to accept the new resolution(1600x1200) and I do. The game look sweet and everything is cool.

The problem is that I do not want to use 1600x1200 as my default windows resolution. My monitor doesnt perform very well at this high resolution. In the game this is not an issue, but in 2D it is. So I switch back to 1280x1024 in Windows. Thats no problem I think, cause CM has saved my previous resolution settings(1600x1200).

So I fire up CM with my default Windows resoltion of 1280x1024. Guess what happens? It asks me to accept 1280x1024 as the CM resolution. Argh, why didnt it remember that I selected 1600x1200 as my CM resolution?

If change my Windows resolution back to 1600x1200 and fire up CM, it doesnt ask me to accept any new settings. I have to delete the prefs file to apply the higher resolution.

Is there some way to "save" the 1600x1200 resolution inside CM, and still use 1280x1024 as my default Windows resolution?



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Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no way to have a higher resolution set for CM and to have the desktop operate at a lower resolution.

There is an utility that was mentioned on this board last year that people used (on the PC) that would allow for switching resolutions between the game and desktop. QuickRes (I can't remember exactly) ? I believe it is a piece of shareware, but I don't know if it has any incompatibility issues or not with certain OS's or video cards:



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